Red Line Circuit Training opens on Central Avenue in Sylvania

by Mary Helen Darah

Three years ago former Toledo firefighter and fitness enthusiast Jason Mercurio had a vision that became a reality. “I was heavy,” recalls Mercurio, “I was doing a great deal of powerlifting and I felt the need to do more. I drew up my own program, similar to what athletes use in training, that would incorporate balance, strength training and high intensity moves that were short in duration. At first what I created was 45 minutes and I was eventually able to get it down to 30 minutes. I was able to lose 60 lbs. without losing muscle and strength.”
The fitness guru began to attract the attention of others while working out and began getting inquiries about his program. “I was hired by the YMCA,” states Mercurio. “I was already a paramedic and I decided to become certified with the American College of Sports Medicine in July of 2017. I started running many people through my program. The YMCA moved from Riverside Hospital to ProMedica. I would work a 24-hour shift, run over to the YMCA, and run people through my program for eight hours. It was during this time that I thought about launching my own place. I sat down with my wife and she looked at me as if I were crazy yet she was supportive. I wanted to be in downtown Toledo. The main issue was parking. In April of 2018, the downtown Toledo studio space opened. The building was falling apart but the view was gorgeous and there was free parking.”
Mercurio likes small group training personalized by his team. “It is crucial for success,” he states. “I originally started with 14 people then more people started to come in. I would get off a shift at the fire department, then run Red Circuit training at 8 pm and also on off-duty days. I was not able to keep up the pace with my crew. In Jan. of 2019, after 14 years, I left the fire department to focus on Red Line Circuit Training.”
Month by month, Mercurio and his team made improvements. “My wife does the books, I hired a total of seven trainers, added a yoga class and we even have a live DJ come in for a fitness dance party,” says Mercurio. “Each program is 30 minutes to fit into a busy lifestyle and they are tailored for the individual. We not only offer training to promote endurance, stability and balance but emotional support as well. I utilized the program when I was a first responder and I know the benefits I received. I am thrilled to share it with others.”
Mercurio was hoping to offer his unique brand of training in Sylvania in April of 2020 but thanks to the pandemic, he had to wait. Red Line Circuit Training is now officially open and ready to serve the community with their fitness needs in a safe way. “When the mandates for opening came from the Governor, we were already following the recommendations,” says Mercurio. “I have always liked small group sessions. When we found this incredible location in Sylvania, complete with an existing red roof, I thought about how many square feet I would need to accommodate everyone having 100 square feet to train. I arrived at 1,600 square feet to hold 16 guests at a time. It is a perfect set-up for everyone’s safety. We have a Dollamur floor, which is used in gymnastics. Not only does it soften impact, it is antimicrobial so it can be kept extremely clean.”
One of the main points Mercurio wants to stress is that it doesn’t take a lot to achieve great results. “You need to have well-trained, committed people to support you, consistency and a bit of fitness fun,” he states. “So many of our clients last year kept asking us to have a location in Sylvania. We are here, open with safety measures in place, and ready to help Sylvanians meet their fitness goals.”
Red Line Circuit Training is located at 305 Morris St. in Toledo and at 7409 W. Central Ave. in Sylvania.

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