ChrisFit opens on Monroe Street; offers crosstraining and more

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Grit. Grind. Gain … words Chris Laffartha of ChrisFit advocates. “Just showing up is the ‘grit’ of an exercise program and the hardest part,” he noted. “The ‘grind’ is what you do once you are there and the ‘gain’ is the reward you realize when you reach the goals you have set for yourself.”
“I was on my way to work one day a while ago and these three words popped into my head. I knew immediately they were exactly the right words for me,” he remembered.

These words have been incorporated into the young but experienced trainer’s motto and he now owns his own facility. “It has always been a dream of mine and after several years and a lot of hard work that dream has finally come true,” Laffartha pointed out. With help from Terry Declercq of Miller Diversified Reaty Co., he recently leased the 6,000 square-foot facility at 5340 Monroe St. Declercq also helped to connect Laffartha with Jim Matzinger, Community Outreach and Lending Specialist, Economic Community Development Institute of the Toledo Lucas County Port Authority who negotiated financing for the business start-up. Thanks to help from family members, friends and even clients, Laffartha was able to totally refurbish the former sports apparel store by removing walls, painting, and adding a rubberized floor in a just three weeks. He opened ChrisFit and began classes the first week of August.
Laffartha offers classes Monday through Friday beginning at 5, 6, 8 and 9 am; 4, 5, 6 and 7 pm. Saturday classes begin at 6 am through 10 am and Sunday classes are scheduled beginning at 7 am with the last class starting at 10:30 am. Those classes include cross fit, high intensity, circuit and interval workouts.
Laffartha said he has always been involved with fitness programs. “My parents were disabled and I wanted to find ways to help them be able to stay active and be as fit as they could be,” he explained. “As I grew older, I realized I really enjoy helping everyone who wants to achieve his or her fitness goals.”
For several years, he worked as a certified trainer in a local gym gaining experience for the day when he would own his own facility. Last year, he began holding his own classes outside in Walbridge Park and thanks to social media, these classes began to grow in size.
With an eye to the future, Laffartha and a graphic artist friend developed his current logo with his three-word motto. He had a T-shirt made for himself, which he wore during his outdoor classes. To his surprise, people in his class also wanted a shirt and he had to order many to meet the demand from his classes. “The sale of T-shirts was a big help to me and now we have other shirts and masks as well. My clients really become invested in all that we do, which is amazing. We are really more like a family than just being a business relationship,” Laffartha stated.

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