City of Sylvania boasts new logo design

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

The city of Sylvania has a new logo thanks to the creative efforts of Dani Fuller of Fuller Art House.

“City Council wanted a logo that represented the Oak Openings region. As the designer, I wanted to create a logo they were proud of and a symbol that represented the region and our strength as a community,” Fuller explained.
To accomplish these goals, Fuller created what has become the city’s new logo … an oak leaf silhouette signifying the importance of the Oak Openings region. What could be the veins of the leaf actually is a stylized tree paying homage to the multiple year record Sylvania has of being designated a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation. The circle framing the leaf and tree depicts the continuum of community. “The new logo represents strength, pride and the love for our community,” Fuller said.
“We experienced a good process for the development of this logo,” Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough reported. “And so much creativity went into its design. The leaf is actually that of a Burr oak, native to our Oak Savannah natural habitat, and commemorates the 370-year-old Burr oak that stands outside of city hall on Monroe Street. While the design is quite simple, there is a great deal of symbolism, which in my opinion, makes this a very successful logo.”
“City council and the administration began talking about getting a new logo late last year when we were considering redoing our website. At that same time, we learned we needed to order new city flags. This seemed to be the right time to make a change before either the website or new flags were ordered so we requested bids for a new logo design,” city of Sylvania Economic Development Director Bill Sanford remembered.
“We worked closely with Dani as to how best to use the new logo,” Sanford added. “It was on the city’s new calendar published at the beginning of the year and we are slowly making the change,” he said.
City of Sylvania’s Department of Public Safety Service Director Kevin Aller is orchestrating the removal of old signage and replacing them with signage bearing the new logo.“We needed to replace the wayfinding signs so creating new signage was very timely,” Aller said. “We will also be replacing the signage on buildings as well.”
Mayor Craig Stough remembers that the three maple leaf logo had been in place when he first was elected to Sylvania City Council in 1986.
“The logo had served us well for many years. It originally was tied into the Sylvania hockey community and the very successful Sylvania Maple Leafs traveling hockey team that played out of Tam-O-Shanter,” Stough recalled. “But it was time for a new updated logo.”
According to the mayor, everything will eventually bear the new logo. “We are replacing signs and more as they are needed to be redone. We are doing this in a rational fashion,” he said.
The new logo will also appear on all city police vehicles as well as on city letterheads and all business cards.
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