Change is in the air for Brieschke family

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Kyle Brieschke grew up in Brieschke’s Bakery, 5639 Main St. in downtown Sylvania, a business owned by his parents Don and Bonnie Brieschke for the past 37 years. He has fond memories of riding his tricycle through the store and playing with his two brothers while his parents mixed, baked and decorated the many pastries, cakes, cookies and more they have available on a daily basis. His mother Bonnie recalls him standing on an upturned bucket decorating his first cake with his original Snoopy drawing. “He was probably all of 5 years old,” she smiled.
“I started working ‘officially’ and getting paid when I was a sophomore at Northview in 2005,” Kyle said. His part-time employment in the bakery continued past graduation from Bowling Green State University in 2011 until 2014 when he joined the family business full time.
Now, Kyle is ready for the new adventures and challenges which await him as he begins a management career on Sept. 14. Brieschke has been accepted to begin a management training program for Enterprise Car Rentals and will be based at the Central Avenue store.
“I learned so much working with my parents and watching them run a successful small business. This has been a great experience for me and has prepared me to take this next big step,” he reasoned. “I do love this business but I am ready to find my own path.”
His parents have been aware of and supportive of this decision to move in a new direction ever since their son enrolled in the MBA program at Lourdes University last year. “We have encouraged him to follow his dreams, whatever those might be,” his mother reflected. “While it has been a joy to have him working with us, we are proud of him and happy for him as he steps into this new role. But, we will certainly miss him.”

“And I know I will miss working with my parents and all of the customers I have come to know through the years,” Kyle agreed.“That is the really hard part about leaving.”
In observance of this next big step for their son, the Brieschkes are hosting a celebration from 7 am until they close at 2 pm on Saturday, Sept.12. Bonnie is inviting all, saying, “We are encouraging our customers and friends to stop in to wish Kyle well as he begins his new journey.”
“It is delightful to see how thrilled and happy Kyle is about his new career. And that makes us very happy too,” his parents agreed.
No article would be complete without thoughts from Kyle Brieschke’s younger brother Cody, now in the Air Force and stationed in Africa:
“This has to be the most bittersweet time of my brother Kyle’s life. All the memories from being a kid just walking through the bakery grabbing as many cookies as we could to growing with the business and community that loves him. The memories that he has made working with my parents are something he will hold onto for the rest of his life. Change is never easy but I couldn’t be more excited for him. I know he is going to continue to do great things wherever he goes! Nothing but love and support for Kyle in the Sylvania community.”

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