COMPUTER 101–How to manage computer files

The Mouse Trap
by Janis Weber

A screenshot is an image, somewhat like a photograph, that a computer takes of all the visual items being displayed on a monitor at a certain point in time. It is taking a photo of the screen. Sometimes you may have something displayed on your monitor that you wish you could just print a portion of, not the whole page. Let’s say someone asks, “Can you take a screenshot of that and send it to me?” Well, yes you can.
This is how to do it on a PC. On your keyboard there is a key that says Print Screen or even Prt Scrn. If you tap that key, you will see and hear nothing but indeed you have taken a photo of what is showing on the screen. Open a blank piece of virtual paper and give the command to paste. You should see what was on the entire monitor.
This image can be enlarged or moved around on the page. It also can be saved for future use. I use screenshots when I do PowerPoint presentations. It is a great demonstration for show and tell.

On a MAC it is different. Take a partial screenshot by pressing the “Command,” “Shift” and “4” keys. The cursor becomes a crosshair. Move the cursor to the corner of the screen where you want the picture to start. Press the mouse key and drag the cursor to the opposite corner of what you want. Click ok. Now you can paste or save this image.
A screenshot can also be used to aid in the troubleshooting of a computer problem. For example, a problem, particularly in Windows, may cause an error message to be displayed. An error message may contain an alphanumeric code referring to the problem. When the error message appears on screen, a screenshot may be taken, which can then be saved in a file and sent to a support center. This makes communicating about an error much simpler. Send an error message via screenshot to someone who might be able to help you with a problem.
Snipping Tool
Look in your programs to find the Snipping Tool. Click on it to activate. A small screen will appear with options. If you tap on the word New, your screen will fade out some, but a crosshair will show up. Press down on a corner of what you want to snip and drag to enclose the displayed item, image, word, or icon. Anything can be snipped from your monitor and saved or pasted anywhere else like in an email, a document or even a design you have created. It will be saved as an image that you can place anywhere. It is saved forever unless you delete it from your files.
Try it now. Play with it a few times. You will get the knack of it. For either of these fun tools, feel free to contact me for more detailed instructions.

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