Inside the Five owners to purchase adjoining property for expansion

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Katie and Brandon Fields and Krista and Chris Morris of Inside the Five have been given approval by Sylvania City Council to purchase the two properties at 5705/ 5707 and 5711/5713 Main St. for $200,000. The property is adjacent to the Maplewood Marketplace building that houses their brewpub and restaurant.

According to city of Sylvania’s Economic Development Director Bill Sanford, the city bought the two duplexes in July, 2011 for $230,000.
“Our main interest in the property at that time was to add parking behind the duplexes as additional lot space was needed for the Maplewood Marketplace, which the city also owned at that time. Our purchase of the duplexes has led to the sale of the Maplewood Marketplace building for over $1 million, housing two entities that have become major employers for the city (Interrupt Marketing and Inside the Five) and we collected over $200,000 in rent from the duplexes during the time of our ownership,” Sanford explained.
The two couples realized the potential for the property next to their business. “There is a lack of outdoor gathering space in downtown Sylvania. We want to provide a family- friendly space for our community to make memories. As we expand, we plan to continue the same feel and vibe of our brewpub, expanding it to an indoor/outdoor area. It will be a casual gathering space with room for entertainment,” Katie Fields said.
Plans call for the duplexes to be demolished and an addition to Inside the Five to be built. Also, an outdoor patio area will be added, the parking lot will be upgraded and a new driveway entrance to the site will be added. The total cost for the new project will be over $1 million.
“Buying the duplexes in 2011 was a wise investment for the city of Sylvania as it has led to over $2 million being invested in our downtown and jobs that will be paying income tax for years to come,” Sanford stated.
The Fifth Floor
Earlier this year, the Fields and Moores completed renovation on the second floor of the Maplewood Marketplace. The former offices have been transformed into a private event space and expanded restaurant space designed by architect Lyndsey Stough. Brandon Fields and Chris Morris did most of the construction on the project.
“As soon as we opened in May 2018, people inquired about a private event space. We quickly learned there was a need in the area for more private dining areas,” Katie Fields remembered.
“Having this space available has made a huge difference to us this year. Because of COVID-19 we had to decrease the number of tables in our regular dining area, but with upstairs open we can seat more tables while following all state and county health department guidelines,” she added.

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