Local company celebrating 100 years in business

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Miller Diversified, a family-owned company in Maumee, is celebrating 100 years of business in 2020. “100 years doesn’t happen by accident,” said CEO Kurt Miller.“ Many of the victories, in my mind, have been being able to successfully navigate the challenges we’ve been confronted with.”
The company was incorporated in 1920 as Miller Farm & Greenhouse. The Millers grew the business for decades, even through the challenges of the depression and war.
In the 1950s, prompted by the reduced cost of produce being shipped from the south on the newly constructed interstate highway systems, the company pivoted to focus on real estate. Over time, the Millers rebranded to become Miller Diversified.
The pivot to real estate was just one of several shifts over time. Many changes were influenced by economic pressures, such as the shift into construction during the great recession. Others were the result of strong relationships with partners in the community, such as the 2017 merger with Danberry Commercial.

“The merger of Miller Diversified and Danberry Commercial joined two local companies with similar business philosophies,” said Tim Schlachter, president of Miller Diversified Realty. Schlachter said the two businesses have a combined 160 years of experience serving clients with innovative and effective solutions.
The merged company embraces strong positive business philosophies, which are rooted not only in the Miller family’s legacy, but also stem from the team members of Danberry Commercial. As part of the 100 year celebration, Miller Danberry will now be known as Miller Diversified Realty.
“You have to change with time,” Kurt Miller said, “and the willingness to change takes vision and a lot of patience.” Today, Miller Diversified offers real estate development, construction, brokerage, property management, and a real estate investment fund. Kurt and Jerry Miller represent the third generation of Millers to run the company.
“As I reflect on our 100 years, it reminds me of the rings of a tree,” said Miller Diversified’s Vice President Jerry Miller. “You see rings in which the tree grew a lot one year, or maybe not at all in another year … but the victory is the tree.”
Nancy Miller, second-generation shareholder and mother of Kurt and Jerry Miller, stated she is proud the current leadership is carrying on the core values the company’s founders were known for a century ago.
Miller Diversified will be celebrating this momentous anniversary by performing 100 acts of kindness in the community. Though this year has presented many uncertainties, Miller Diversified continues the acts of kindness initiative in spite of the challenges.

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