New owner gives Monroe Street office buildings an interior face lift

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Mike Hojnacki, builder, developer and entrepreneur, found a way to make “lemonade” from the “lemons” he was seeing during the pandemic and the state-mandated shut down for most businesses earlier this spring. He had acquired the twin office buildings at 5600 Monroe St. two years ago with plans to update both buildings when possible.
“This became the perfect time for my construction crew to redo the interior of building A and B at 5600 Monroe St. These two buildings were constructed in the 1990s and, while they look good on the exterior, the interior was in need of a facelift. With 23 offices and all of the foot traffic associated with each of these business tenants, there never seemed to be a good time to start the renovation without disrupting all of the businesses,” Hojnacki stated. “However, with COVID-19, people began working from home and these buildings were virtually empty, giving my guys the time to redo the interiors without bothering my tenants.”

The common area wallpaper was stripped and walls repainted. New carpeting was installed and new LED lighting systems were installed. “We brought these buildings up to a 2020 feel,” Hojnacki said. In addition, both buildings were re-roofed and exterior LED lighting was installed.
“These are really great buildings,” Hojnacki offered. “And they are in an ideal location. We also have a good tenant mix.”
“I have always admired these two buildings and had been interested in owning them for some time. The person who did a lot of my residential design work had her office here and I often remarked to her that I would be interested in buying the two. Well, that opportunity presented itself and I was happy that the timing was right for me. Now I am very happy that we have been able to refresh these two great facilities,” he said.
Hojnacki started his company, HOJ Development in 1980. HOJ was involved with the development of and the building of Mayberry Village. The company now owns and manages the Mayberry Loft Apartments and Mayberry Shoppes, Mayberry Senior Living apartments, and several other apartment communities, commercial and retail properties. The company has been designing and building custom homes for over 20 years.

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