Citrus pomanders make scents for the holidays

by Jennifer Ruple

Jennifer Ruple

Winter is a season for the senses. The sight of sparkling lights, the sound of a crackling fire, the warmth of a cozy sweater, and the taste of freshly baked gingerbread. Let us not forget about the sense of smell. Infuse your home with the sweet and spicy aroma of citrus and cloves by making pomanders. Pomanders are a fun and simple project, and they lend a natural, earthy element to any décor.

What you will need:
Several oranges. Try navel oranges for large pomanders or clementines and tangerines for smaller versions. Odd numbers work best for display purposes.
Whole cloves, 7-ounce bags are available at Reddy’s Food and Spices, 6725 Central Ave.
A large nail, knitting needle or something to poke holes into the flesh of the citrus.
A Sharpie, optional.

Begin by marking a pattern on your citrus in small dots with a Sharpie. If you’d rather freehand it, you can skip this step. Using a nail, poke holes into the dots on your citrus.
Insert cloves into the poked holes, and voila!

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