Stellar Blooms begins 2021 in new Mayberry Square location

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Holly Lopinski and her shop, Stellar Blooms will greet 2021 from a new location. Lopinski relocated her flower and gift shop to 8248 Mayberry Square the first of January.
“This is a very good move for me and my business,” Lopinski reported. “I posted this new address on social media the weeks leading up to my move, and saw a marked increase in my business.”

Lopinski considers herself a general florist and creates floral arrangements for all occasions. She has found that her funeral arrangements have become a large percentage of the business she does. Through this funeral work, she has begun to develop a unique niche of making and placing grave blankets or wreaths on the graves of loved ones ordered by out of town relatives or friends. “I love this part of the business,” Lopinski noted. “It makes me feel good to be able to offer a service to someone in this kind of situation.”
However, her favorite job was decorating a car for a wedding. “A man stopped one Saturday urging me to help him. He had driven in from Chicago to attend the wedding of a relative and wanted his car decorated for the event. He said he had tried many other florists to no avail and he only had 45 minutes before the ceremony. Of course I would help but I explained that this was a new project for me. Fortunately I got it done in the time allotted and he was very pleased with the results. That really was an experience to remember,” she smiled.
In season flowers will continue to be available along with a large selection of plants. According to Lopinski there will always be a bouquet or two of tulips regardless of the season.
Lopinski continues to display and sell the work of her many friends who are artists and craftspeople. “I have always had the work of some artists and craftspeople but now, with COVID-19, these artisans do not have art and craft shows where they can sell their work. I am most happy to be able to help them sell their works,” she said.
An interior designer, Lopinski purchased the downtown Sylvania floral shop from her uncle Mark Lair six years ago. “I was ready to leave the corporate workplace and Uncle Mark was ready to sell his business. But, he didn’t want to sell the business to just anyone. He thought I was the perfect fit because of my design background and he seems to be right,” Lopinski agreed. “This has been a fun adventure.”

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