The Mouse Trap
by Janis Weber

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Microsoft is announcing its new operating system, Windows 11. The so-called “next generation of Windows” will be showcased at a virtual event, with a new user interface and hints of new features. Windows 10, the current version of the operating system, was said to be the company’s final version but with more people working from home during the pandemic, it appears Microsoft is updating its platform to keep up with the demands of users.
A first build of Windows 11 has already leaked to the press, bringing with it a new, more rounded interface. It is also expected there will be changes to the Windows Store, a closer integration with Xbox services, and possibly Office 365 updates. From what has been seen, Windows 11 will have a new Start Menu, centered by default in the middle of the task bar. Hitting that button will bring up installed apps, similar to the Live Tiles in the current Start Menu, as well as ‘recommended’ files in an attempt at a more seamless experience.
The Windows 11 upgrade should be free, with Microsoft pushing its Office 365 updates as a paid subscription in the app. A “Fluid Office” update will make Word, PowerPoint, and Excel more similar to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. They can be updated in real-time across multiple platforms.
Microsoft is ending its support for Windows 10 in 2025, indicating that the company is moving towards a new operating system. A new support document says that Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro was launched on July 29, 2015 and will retire on October 14, 2025. It appears to be the first time the company has described ending support for the operating system. Microsoft will be unveiling the next version of Windows on July 24, so watch out for another large update to your computer.

Is Windows (Microsoft) Defender Good Enough?
Microsoft Defender was once regarded as a poor means of protecting your PC from malware. However, that’s very much in the past now, and Microsoft’s antivirus, which comes integrated with Windows 10, (it used to be known as Windows Defender) has built itself a better reputation these days. The key question is how much better? And is Microsoft Defender really a viable solution for keeping your system free of the various bits of nastiness which are floating around online? Or should you really download another free third-party antivirus app to give yourself a tighter defense against malware?
Today’s best free security download is Avira Free Antivirus. Avira takes the title of our favorite freebie right now – beating out all the competition, including Microsoft Defender. In addition to scoring brilliantly for pure protection from independent test labs, it also comes with a whole host of features like scam protection, password manager and even a free VPN.

Sylvania Senior Center Classes
New classes with be held as soon as the center reopens. Check the SSC newsletter and website for the most current information. Included will be Windows 10 Computers Basics, Facebook, Microsoft Word, Google Docs and iPhone/iPad. If you have a topic and know some folks who are interested, call the Senior Center and ask for Susan Jennelle at 419-885-3913. Limited seating fills fast so call ASAP to reserve a spot. We are considering an Excel Club. Interested? Call the SSC.

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