COMPUTER 101–Can Your PC Handle Windows 11?

The Mouse Trap
by Janis Weber

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Let me start by saying that not all Windows 10 can upgrade to Windows 11. There is a good chance your computer used to be a W7 or W8 and was moved up to W10 when it was offered a few years ago for free. There are minimum requirements for Windows 11 to run on a PC. 


  • One gigahertz or faster with two cores on a 64-bit system 
  • At least four gigabytes of RAM (memory)
  • Minimum of 64 GB of free and available storage on your hard drive
  • Windows 10 Version 2004 or later

Now I will explain where to verify your specific criteria. First, click on the white “window” icon in the lower-left corner of your monitor. Now tap on the “Settings Gear.” Next, choose “System” then “About” at the very bottom. This sequence will open a full page of information. Notice the list of device specifications: Device Name, Processor, Installed RAM, Device ID and System Type. In the next section, your PC tells you the Windows Specifications: Edition, Version, Installed On, OS Build and Experience.

Cross-check the items listed above with what the About Page shows you. If you are not sure if you meet all the requirements for Windows 11, either contact me and I will walk you through the process above or you can always have your favorite tech or repair shop check for you. 

Here is a web address you would have to type in to help identify your specifications: If this is difficult to type, then just Google the phrase “Download PC Health Check App.” This is designed to go through your computer in detail to see if your machine can handle Windows 11. It will also tell you what might need to be fixed before allowing W11 onto your computer. If you install W11 without knowing, you will have to find the magical way of removing what you just did.

One of my computers used to be a Windows 8.1. I upgraded it to Windows 10 and it is running perfect. I downloaded and ran the PC Health Check App and my machine has two issues that make it incompatible with W11. Now what? Can I continue to use Windows 10? The answer is yes. You do not have to upgrade to Windows 11. Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until October 14, 2025. At that point you really should buy a new Windows 11 PC.

The Windows 11 computers are not being sold in retail yet. If you are purchasing a new computer now, just make sure it is W11 compatible and ready to upgrade or wait until the advertising starts showing up later this year and into next. It is pretty certain that you can buy a new computer now and upgrade later, but make sure.

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