Sylvania’s Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio touts new staff; new services

Heather Ariss

Shannon Schwanbeck of Sylvania’s Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio was looking for just the right people to help in her store. She wanted those who have product knowledge and a good understanding of how to provide great customer service. Her hopes were realized thanks to two of her loyal customers.
“Longtime Sylvania resident Cathy Erdelyi, a customer of mine, happened to be talking with me about my wish to have help. She graciously agreed to cover vacation days and holidays, which really helps me,” Schwanbeck said.
Then another one of her clients, Heather Ariss, stopped in to purchase products. She is a licensed esthetician and a mother of two school-age children and she has not worked for several years. Ariss said the time had come and she had been weighing employment opportunities. She was looking for a job but she needed to find one with a flexible schedule.
When Schwanbeck and Ariss compared notes they realized they had a win-win situation. “This is a good fit for both of us. We found exactly what we both needed,” Schwanbeck said.
“Shannon is also a mother and realizes that my first priority is my children. She is very understanding and is willing to work with me and our schedules,” Ariss stated.
“And Heather not only loves Merle Norman products, but she also has skills to do so much more, which enhances the sale of our products,” Schwanbeck said.
Those services include facial and body waxing, brow and/or lash tinting, and dermaplaning. Ariss can be found in the studio on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and is also available by appointment. Schwanbeck is in the studio on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Daily hours are 10 am to 5 pm.
Merle Norman Cosmetic
Studio Sylvania
The studio, 6626 Monroe St., is located across Monroe Street from No. 1 Fire Station.
Owner Shannon  Schwanbeck actually grew up with Merle Norman makeup and skin care products as her mother, Pat Schnipke, had purchased the studio in 1971. However, Schwanbeck started on another career path, which she pursued successfully for several years until she joined her mother in 2003. She purchased the store seven years later.
“Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love the products and I really enjoy all of our customers, some of whom have been buying their skin care products since mom first took over the studio. Many of our customers are second and third-generation,” she acknowledged. “We really owe our continuing business success to the Sylvania community, which embraced the studio and Merle Norman products from our first days in business and through the years.”
About Merle Norman
Merle Norman has been in the business of helping women look and feel their best since 1931. Most of the product line is made in America and the company is known for its “Try Before You Buy,” philosophy. The company is committed to research and development and to using the finest ingredients available backed by the latest scientifically proven technologies. The company takes pride in its pioneering and innovative formulations that are often years ahead of its competitors. Each studio is independently owned.

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