Erin Ann’s offers tasty treats with options

Thoughts of opening an ice cream shop began swirling around Erin Stampflmeier’s head about 10 years ago when she and her husband, Scott, could not believe there wasn’t one already in downtown Sylvania. When the building their family owns next door to Scott’s business, Sylvan Studios, became available, the Stampflmeier’s followed their dream and opened Erin Ann’s Homemade Ice Cream and Juices in November 2022. Continue reading Erin Ann’s offers tasty treats with options

La-Z-Boy designers bring new ideas from spring market

“Green is the color of the season … dark hunter, sage, olive, all different shades,” noted Rene Ackerman, La-Z-Boy interior designer. She and co-worker Dalton Sheehan, also an interior designer, along with Marketing Director Matt Simpson recently returned from the spring High Point Furniture Market. “The emphasis on green really represents being outdoors. We are all so happy to be getting past COVID and able to get outside and back to the activities we love,” she said. Continue reading La-Z-Boy designers bring new ideas from spring market


Howard Hine and Elsie Comstock were married in 1904 in Sylvania and in 1906 they purchased the home located at 5937 Summit St. That home was built in 1887 and will be discussed in the next article. It was in 1913 that the Hines split off a parcel to the north of their home and constructed our subject home. From 1913 until 1949 they rented this house to tenants. Continue reading SYLVANIA­ THEN & NOW

Sizzle Simmer Saute´ Cinco de Mayo: Start the celebration at breakfast

Get the party started on Cinco de Mayo early in the day with Build-Your-Own Breakfast Burritos. An assortment of fillings and toppings allows everyone to create their own masterpieces with their favorite ingredients. Include all the items in the recipe, or add a few of your own ideas. Continue reading Sizzle Simmer Saute´ Cinco de Mayo: Start the celebration at breakfast

Janis Weber The Mouse Trap

Even if you haven’t created an account on a social media site, they might have a hidden profile with more details than you’d believe. Sneaky, right?
That’s why you should say no thanks when an app offers to look in your contacts to find all your friends. That’s not your info to give away. If you use social media, it’s worth clearing out all the things (and people) you’ve looked up. Here are easy steps to save yourself some potential embarrassment later. Perhaps you deleted a Facebook account years ago or never had one. Meta might still have your cell number, landline, or email address Continue reading Janis Weber The Mouse Trap

Sizzle – Mid April 2023

Herby balsamic chicken and fruity tortellini salad make a light spring dinner
Spring has sprung in northwest Ohio! We’ve been lightening up our décor and dress, and now it’s time to lighten up our dinner. Bake up some fragrant and flavorful Balsamic Chicken – it’s equally as delicious when cooked on the grilled. For a complete meal, pair it with a side of tangy Strawberry Tortellini Salad with Citrus Poppyseed Dressing. Happy spring! Continue reading Sizzle – Mid April 2023