Sunny Side Up! – Is that a real badge?

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Sylvania Area Family Services “Shop with a Hero” event at Meijer on W. Central Ave. It is a heartwarming event where children are paired with local firefighters/EMTs and police officers to shop for the holidays. It was there that I ran into Ben Bostater. As someone who has shared the happenings of our police departments in Sylvania, I knew Ben from years of taking the young man’s photo at various police related events. He has been part of the Sylvania Explorer program through the Sylvania Police Department as long as I can remember. The program gives Sylvania School District high school students the opportunity to explore careers in criminal justice. I approached Ben, as he was shopping with a delighted youngster in the toy section at Meijer, and commented on the noticeable upgrade of the Explorer uniform. He responded with, “Um, that’s a real gun Mary Helen and a real badge.” Can we say emotional meltdown in aisle 23? Continue reading Sunny Side Up! – Is that a real badge?

Sunny Side Up

Mary Helen Darah My mom, our beloved, Noni, died unexpectedly on Thanksgiving morning, 2019 while in Florida where we were all gathered to share the holiday. I continually fight the urge to not celebrate the fourth Thursday in November but I believe I would be doing a disservice to my family. Erasing the day would mean eradicating the memories of years gone by. Mind you, … Continue reading Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Going to my Canadian home also means that I am heading to my living, breathing north star, Anne Voll-Reitzel, the woman I have called friend for as long as I can remember. Recently, she and her husband sold their cabin across the lake from ours to begin a new chapter.

Beloved Anne has stage 4 breast cancer and in her mind it was time to move closer to her two sons and their families. Continue reading Sunny Side Up

Sunnyside Up!

By Mary Helen Darah My daughter and son-in-law blessed us with a bundle of joy a few months ago. I cannot count the numerous times that I have heard from new moms, including my daughter, about how having a baby completely changed their lives. They say that women shared their wisdom with them beforehand, but nothing compares to the reality of ‘momhood.’ I thought it … Continue reading Sunnyside Up!

Sunny-Side Up!

–by Mary Helen Darah I find it highly therapeutic to stock the food pantry at Sylvania Area Family Services (SAFS), especially during the pandemic. Focusing on expiration dates and keeping my rows of canned goods neat and tidy was and is a welcome reprieve from hearing about rising hospitalization numbers and thinking about my medical frontline daughter’s exposure to it all when she’s at work. … Continue reading Sunny-Side Up!

Have a Heart group raises awareness for CHD

–by Mary Helen Darah Tanya Laney, the mother of twelve-year-old Caden, is on a mission to educate and raise awareness for congenital heart disease (CHD). Her son is a “heart warrior” who has benefitted from being part of Conquering CHD, Northwest Ohio Chapter. She and co-leader, Amanda Hoover, utilize the local chapter to provide knowledge, hope and lifelong support to those living with congenital heart … Continue reading Have a Heart group raises awareness for CHD

Say ahh! Preparing your little one for the dentist

–by Mary Helen DarahPUBLICATION DATE: Oct 16, 2018 Olivia Slates, a 2009 Sylvania Southview High School graduate and Homecoming Queen, is enjoying her career as dental hygienist at Jon Frankel Dentistry. Slates is a graduate of  the Owens Community College hygienist program. “I received my associates degree from Owens,” she stated. “Their program is currently ranked third in the nation. I have been with Dr. … Continue reading Say ahh! Preparing your little one for the dentist

Sunny-Side Up!

–by Mary Helen Darah People often ask why I go by Mary Helen when just “Mary” would suffice. The reason is I could never be without ‘Helen” after having been adored by two loving “Helens” who were my grandmothers. Now my family is blessed to have two “Sues.” The first, beloved matriarch, Sue, my mom, passed away on Thanksgiving in 2019. We recently welcomed our … Continue reading Sunny-Side Up!

Sunny-Side Up!

–by Mary Helen Darah A friend was recently complaining about the cold and the impending winter before us. Of course she did so while walking across Main Street for a warm donut on a brisk morning in downtown Sylvania. Please, the woman is clueless as to what a REAL winter, an up north winter, feels like. Mind you, when I’m here I feel like a … Continue reading Sunny-Side Up!

Sunny-Side Up!

–by Mary Helen Darah I used to call myself a runner, which frankly was a bit of a stretch. Historically, I would put on Janet Jackson, manage to move in a forward direction for three songs, then turn around for home. My running was like my mom’s meatloaf. It wasn’t pretty but it got the job done. I never thought of hitting the pavement again … Continue reading Sunny-Side Up!