Yesteryear’s Community Gardens Today!

MIKE: Scott, I know you’re a big WWII buff! Pop quiz for you… What do know about Victory Gardens?

SCOTT: Well Mike, all I know is our grandparents had to start gardens in their backyard to feed their families, so the farmers could feed their crops to the troops. What does that have to do with today’s article? Continue reading Yesteryear’s Community Gardens Today!

Midwest Garden Guys

SCOTT: Springtime in the Midwest is the re-birth of the growing season. A fresh new start from the cold, gray winter. And one specific flower is traditionally known for this time of year, the Easter Lily. Easter Lilies have been forced or tricked into flowering for the holiday. Mike, what should I look for when picking one up at the garden center? Is it like buying my wife roses, look for the least number of opened buds? Continue reading Midwest Garden Guys

Midwest Garden Guys

The Midwest Garden Podcast guys, Mike O’Rourke and Scott Sandstrom, will be sharing gardening advice and information with readers throughout the growing season. O’Rourke, retired from Black Diamond Garden Center and known as the Garden Guy for many years, discusses landscape issues with Sandstrom in a casual conversation designed to educate listeners, and now readers, on a wide variety of topics.
This first conversation being shared here deals with a current weather related yard problem caused by heavy rains Continue reading Midwest Garden Guys