A Visit with Pro Handyman Plus

–by Mary Helen Darah

Ginger Thompson, owner of Pro Handyman Plus

I recently moved into a 1930s home that came with a great deal of charm along with an even greater amount of issues that have been anything but charming. Being a solo female, I have had my fair share of adventures with handymen over the years. I was bracing myself and my long list of items, (including a leaning garage that could rival the tourist attraction in Italy) before calling yet another unknown person to enter my home to right the wrongs, or leanings as the case may be. Thankfully, I was given the number of Pro Handyman Plus. The company, which is owned by Ginger Thompson, is the go-to call (now on my speed dial) for all your “handyman” needs. I learned one of the beautiful things about her company, is that she does a background check on all her contractors and sends quality people to your door. “If I wouldn’t want them coming to my front door, I don’t send them to yours,” stated Thompson. I immediately wondered where this woman has been all my life. Why can’t dating sites be run with this type of efficiency?

The start of something new
I wondered how Ginger Thompson, a Sylvania woman, mother and grandmother got into the handyman business. I got my answers while visiting this highly organized, focused female. “I worked for Handyman Connection in Toledo for five years,” recalled Thompson. “The company I was working for was not doing well and decided to close their business. I could see the writing on the wall. I decided to take my knowledge and experience and utilize it to open my own business. My dad was a general contractor who built commercial buildings for 50 years. Being from a construction family gave me the courage to start the business. I was told on Christmas Eve day that I no longer had a job. The owners of the company also told me to sell the furniture. Following orders, I did—to myself. JMS Properties allowed me to stay put and I was also able to keep the same phone number. All the old customers kept using the phone line. They did not have a copyright on the Pro Handyman name, so I was able to keep that as well. I was up and running. I started out as a corporation then switched to a LLC later on.”

Outstanding in their field
Thompson was also able to bring back construction workers from the closed business. “It is very difficult to find quality, reliable help. Many people embellish their work experience,” stated Thompson. “The only way you will know if they have what it takes is to get them out in the field. I control the quality of the work by ensuring I have well-trained, quality people. We confidently guarantee our labor for one year. All our contractors have 15 years of experience.”

Big and Little

Pro Handyman does any type of job you can imagine with few limitations—even leaning tower of garages. “We do any type of carpentry, flooring, doors, electrical, plumbing, drywall, and tile,” she stated. “We do not do basement waterproofing or heating and air-conditioning, but we do everything from roofing to painting. We can be found on Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. When people call with their service needs, they speak directly with me. They are always getting the owner. Our clients appreciate the direct communication, especially if they have any questions or concerns. I strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction.” The company also prides itself on accepting smaller jobs. “There is no such thing as a job too small at Pro Handyman Plus,” said Thompson. “Most companies will only take the big money jobs. We have gone out to elderly people’s homes to change the batteries in their smoke detectors. You would be surprised, especially with the elderly, at who cannot get up on a ladder.”

Bang for your buck
Thompson recommends having a list before having someone come to do repairs. “If customers have a list it is much better,” she advised. “You get more bang for your buck. It’s better to have us come once instead of multiple times. We also set definite times, not a window of time, so customers aren’t waiting all day for us.” The company gives free estimates for their work. “I determine what our clients need and send contractors to give them a free estimate,” explained Thompson.

Thompson, a proud Sylvania resident, hopes to continue offering quality handyman services from quality contractors for years to come. “It is very rewarding,” she stated, “knowing that I helped someone with a situation that they couldn’t cope with on their own.”

I have always considered myself good at coping, but I am so thankful I no longer dread when a handyman comes knocking on my door.

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