Nearly 57 years ago, just before Christmas, two young businessmen (and future Sylvania residents) were enjoying a night on the town when their discussion took a serious turn. How could “self-made men” like themselves help less fortunate local families who “fell through the cracks” at local social service agencies? Continue reading MARK LUETKE LOOKING SIDEWAYS


This house, built in 1887, was owned by Rebecca Chapple, the widow of Robert S. Chapple who had served in the Civil War. Military records show he was discharged on March 16, 1864, and death records show that he died that same day. Their children, Julia Chapple Heath and William Chapple, who also lived in Sylvania, inherited this house after their mother passed away. Continue reading SYLVANIA­ THEN & NOW

Farmers market tradition continues at Olander Park

Good news for Sylvania foodies … the long-standing Tuesday afternoon farmers market will continue this summer. At a new location and under new leadership, the market will be held on the grounds of Olander Park, 6930 Sylvania Ave., and managed by Outdoor Sylvania Community Parks. Continue reading Farmers market tradition continues at Olander Park

Three-generation family-run Rowe Collision celebrates 50 years

In 1973, Ken Rowe Sr. began repairing and painting cars in his Chestnut Drive home garage after working a full day for the Jim White auto dealership. Little did he know that a half-century later, his business, Rowe Collision, would still be going strong. Best of all, he is surrounded by his family working with him in the business. Daughters Cheryl and Kim and sons Ron and Kenny Jr., along with grandson DJ, are currently part of the 10-person team operating from the 7709 West Central Ave. headquarters. Continue reading Three-generation family-run Rowe Collision celebrates 50 years

Yesteryear’s Community Gardens Today!

MIKE: Scott, I know you’re a big WWII buff! Pop quiz for you… What do know about Victory Gardens?

SCOTT: Well Mike, all I know is our grandparents had to start gardens in their backyard to feed their families, so the farmers could feed their crops to the troops. What does that have to do with today’s article? Continue reading Yesteryear’s Community Gardens Today!

Township Talk

Sylvania Township Fire Captain Jeff Bennett coordinates the May 31 training, which includes a live burn at the King Road training center behind the Sylvania Township Police Department. Members of the B Shift, wearing full fire gear, experience the challenge of fighting a live fire using the new nozzles recently acquired by the department. According to Bennett, the new nozzles provide a better stream and use less water. This training is held yearly in the spring. Bennett serves as training director for the department. Continue reading Township Talk