Pat Wahl, Owner, The Village Candy Shoppe

by Linda Syzowski of Creative Oxygen

Pat Wahl

Dynamo Pat Wahl is no stranger to Sylvania. She has lived in Sylvania Township since 1971. Always involved in some way in the community, she has driven a school bus, worked at Maplewood School, and volunteered at Hillview Elementary. She even once owned a BMX track with her husband and worked in retail. Whew! After her husband passed away, Pat wanted to find work that was meaningful, so 22 years ago she decided to become a licensed massage therapist in Ohio — practicing first at home, then at Rainbows & Roses in Starlite Plaza, and finally at Harmony in Life, where she still works one day a week.

Working at Harmony brought Pat back to downtown Sylvania where she saw the revitalized interest and energy coming back with festivals, Red Bird Art Walks and other community activities. People were out and about here again. They were engaged and excited, and she wanted to be a part of it.

Raising her family here, Pat had many fond memories of downtown Sylvania — like ice cream at Custer’s and local activities shared with her husband and children. These memories and a long-standing family association with candy sparked the idea for a candy shop. So after seeing the “for rent” sign in the Sylvania Historical Village, The Village Candy Shoppe was born in January 2018. Pat wanted it to be the perfect place for kids of all ages to browse through a potpourri of sweets — whether nostalgic or new, a gourmet lollipop, honey spoon, or Euro-style chocolates and fudge.

Eternally energetic and creative, you’ll probably also find Pat involved in a fun Red Bird activity or brainstorming other ways to bring people to the north block of the downtown area. “I’m just grateful to be a part of this energized Sylvania community,” says Pat. “And people have been so supportive and enthusiastic. I get visitors from all over the area who come to Sylvania for some other reason and stop in the store. They love it, and so do I.”

Sylvania AdVantage, in cooperation with Creative Oxygen, invites you to satisfy your sweet tooth or pick up a gourmet gift at the colorful Village Candy Shoppe. And if you’re here for Red Bird, you’ll probably find something extra fun going on around the shoppe.

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