Local DIY enthusiast reaches 21K IG followers

by Jen Ruple

With a focus on vintage farmhouse style, Danielle Herrett’s Instagram account, @candlewoodcottage, has caught the eyes of thousands through the social media platform.
Herrett, a mom of 2-year-old Josephine and a nurse, along with her husband, purchased a 1980s Cape Cod style home in the Lincoln Woods area six years ago. Since then, the couple has slowly been converting it to their own style and sharing the results on Instagram. Her account has been steadily growing and currently has 21,000 followers. “We’ve done all the renovations ourselves,” she said. “We love DIY, but I didn’t even know my husband was capable of it until after we were married and bought our own home. He can pretty much watch a YouTube video and then figure it out.”
From the photos on Herrett’s Instagram feed, viewers would never know the couple’s home was built in the 80s. “It was a cute house when we bought it, but it had no character. We decided to add that ourselves,” she said. The first thing they did to it was paint it. They also made built-in shelves to flank the fireplace and installed some board and batten. “We put shiplap everywhere,” she laughed.
Herrett credits her grandparents for helping her develop her decorating style. “They love antiques and collecting things. They actually started the estate sale thing for me,” she reminisced. “I get most of my décor from estate sales and through thrifting. Antiques have so much more character and a history behind them.”
Although Candlewood Cottage looks picture perfect, there is still plenty of work to do. “You have to not mind living in half-finished spaces,” said Herrett. “We take it one project at a time, and that makes it a little less overwhelming.”

Five ways to add Candlewood Cottage style to your home
Paint the walls.

“It’s amazing what a bucket of paint can do,” said Herrett. “Painting your walls or giving a well-loved piece of furniture a fresh coat can totally change the feel of your space. The best part, if you grow tired of the color, you can always repaint,” she added.  
Add a touch of seasonal décor.
“You don’t have to go to the store and buy all the pumpkins or Christmas trees – seasonal décor can totally be free,” said Herrett. “Pick fresh lavender from your own bush, or go for a nature walk and collect wildflowers, weeds, pinecones, you name it and add them to a simple wreath or rusty bucket.”
Change out your rugs.
“Adding a new rug to your space can give it a fresh look without a lot of work,” suggested Herrett. “I frequently change out the rugs in all the spaces of my home. This doesn’t mean you need to buy a million new rugs; you could switch out rugs from different rooms to give them new life. Rugs are a great way to add texture and a cozy feel to your space.” 
Incorporate candles.
What can be more charming than a room lit with the cozy glow of candles? “The scent of a candle can instantly make you feel more relaxed,” said Herrett. “For me, the smell of vanilla makes me feel at home and grounded in my space. I also love to burn seasonal candles like lavender for spring and lemon for summer.”

Display your collections.
“This might be one of my favorite ways to decorate. I have started collecting several different items in recent years – my favorite being my antique book collection,” explained Herrett. “I also love to display old bottles throughout our home, copper pieces in our kitchen, and ironstone china in our dining room. You can also create fun gallery walls using items you collect – a great way to add a cozy feel to your space and share a bit about your personality in your home.” 
(Photos by Candlewood Cottage)

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