Local connections brought Level 1 masks where needed

by Mary Helen Darah

Danielle Darah has turned being quarantined with her family in Sylvania into an opportunity to help provide Level 1 Masks.
Darah, a Sylvania Northview graduate, is thankful to have escaped New York City in early March to quarantine in Sylvania with her family. A graduate of Miami University, she was living in New York City and working as a menswear stylist for LABEL. She was able to return home to shelter-in-place with her family and continue to work for her company which changed its mission of providing fully custom tailored clothing for men in major cities to manufacturing LEVEL 1 masks. “I am proud to be a part of a company that has repurposed its mission during this pandemic,” said Darah.
The New York-based menswear brand LABEL, owned by brothers Jeremy and David Miller, is doing great things to help in the fight against COVID-19 according to Darah.

LABEL Health was born in partnership with its FDA-registered manufacturers to produce and provide necessary protection equipment around the world. In addition to supplying disposable face masks, LABEL has partnered with US distributors to fulfill other PPE essential needs to states and hospitals. Darah stated, “I hope to spread the word to many local businesses and schools in need throughout Ohio.”
Darah has received an assist from Sylvanians
Connie Feldstein and Jim Sautter who lent the young woman their knowledge and connections.
“When we first became aware of the virus and how it spreads, I threw on my mask like our Governor asked,” Feldstein said. “I expected everyone to be wearing them too. I was shocked when I went to our local grocery store and the employees and customers were not protected. Customers would stop me and ask me where I bought my mask. Jim Sautter informed me that he was having a difficult time getting masks. As it turns out, a young gal, Danielle Darah, I have known since she was 12, reached out to me and shared that she was home from New York City and quarantined. Her company that makes mens clothing was now making masks. So I discussed the possibilities with Jim Sautter on how to protect his employees and customers in addition to selling them at his store. Jim was thrilled and ordered his first 5,000 masks from Danielle back in April and continues to order them today. Sylvania is a strong community. We all need to help one another during these uncertain times.”
Darah has been busy securing masks for local companies in the area including Sautter’s, Inverness Club, Reve Salon, Dave White Chevrolet, Serpentini Chevrolet of Strongsville, BASF, National Coatings & Supplies, Canberra Corp and Toledo Public Schools.
Darah noted “I’m thrilled to be part of a company that is helping keep people safe.”

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