Local pianist’s online platform expands her capacity to teach

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

“You were given your gift for the joy you may give in return.”

Cornelius Elmore Addison, author

When the world as we know it was changing this past March, an enterprising Lindsay Cole developed an innovative way to use her own special talents to make an impact on others.
The classically trained pianist with an impressive performance resume along with extensive teaching experience transformed her business, The Music Room, into an online environment.
Students from the age of 4 to 86 are now actively learning piano techniques, skills and how to play their favorite pieces via Facebook or Zoom lessons.
“This new way of offering piano lessons has been working quite well,” Cole offered. “The online platform allows me to serve students locally and in different states,” she pointed out.
Her husband Benton Cole agrees that technology has really added another dimension to her business. “By offering virtual lessons, Lindsay has the ability to reach even more people from anywhere and share her gifts, incredible talent and skill to add value to their lives.”

While Cole has taught lessons for over 20 years, she launched The Music Room just two years ago. She works with students of various musical abilities. For the beginner, she has a series of three levels each student to masters before moving to the music they wish to learn to play. She prepares individualized lesson plans based on each student’s musical aspirations and levels.
“Lindsay has the unique mix of being both a talented performer and an excellent coach. She taps into what each student wants to play, and she helps each of them learn the techniques necessary to achieve his or her musical goals,” her husband noted.
Cole has enjoyed nearly a lifetime of creating music. She began Suzuki piano lessons at the age of 6. “I was one of those rare kids who loved to practice,” she laughingly remembered. Her love of playing the piano continued and in the sixth grade, she began traditional piano lessons.
That passion only deepened when she encountered pianist Marilyn Hamm at a concert at her church. “That was a defining moment for me,” she recalled. “I was able to connect with the artist and later attended Bethel University where I studied with her and earned a degree in Piano Performance.”
Cole continues to develop her skills through involvement in the Toledo Piano Teachers Association. In addition, she has become a student of fellow association member and collaborative teacher Heidi Clausius.
“It is very important to me to keep learning and challenging myself with difficult pieces of music, which I feel helps me to be a better teacher. I love the satisfaction of accomplishing that sort of goal,” she noted.
In addition to teaching, Cole shares her talent during worship services at
Five Lakes Church, aka McCord Road Christian Church.
She continues to use her gifts and talents to make an impact and bring joy not only to her students but to all those who hear her music.

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