Art continues to flourish in spite of the threat of COVID-19 pandemic

by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Ann Tubbs hosts an outdoor art show
Creativity abounds despite COVID-19’s efforts to curtail every piece of life. While artists continue to paint and draw, thespians act, ballerinas dance and musicians play, delivery has become a challenge.
Art Fairs have been canceled, theaters are dark and entertainment venues are shuttered. Where can this creativity be expressed?
Many a local artist has assessed the situation and found innovative paths to place his or her talent before the appropriate audience.

One such is potter Ann Tubbs who sells a majority of her Maiolica-style creations at the spring and summer art fairs, including the long-running Crosby Gardens Art Show. This year there were no art fairs. “I have a large inventory of my pieces that I have been working on since last season. I also have always had a Christmas art show in my home studio in Ottawa Lake, Mich.,” she stated. “But my studio is too small and not adaptable to the COVID-19 protocols so that has been cancelled, as well.”
Instead of wringing her hands and giving up, Tubbs improvised. She invited artist friends Margaret Mazur, a bead artist, and Erik Russell, a wood craftsman, to join her in a fall outdoor art show in her spacious backyard. Evidently, this was the right thing to do as Mother Nature smiled down on her sale offering a sunny, warm 80 degree fall day, complete with a backdrop of spectacular foliage on full display complementing the hues found on the pottery on display.
For potential buyers unable to make the sale, Tubbs’ pottery can be found at Ann Tubbs Pottery @big Cartel. Tubbs son Peter was instrumental in helping her set up her web site.

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