Outdoorsman receives set of wheels from park friends

by Mary Helen Darah

Marine and Vietnam veteran Michael Bonnar, fellow Wildwood Preserve Metropark walker Val Morris and Mark Burns are all smiles after Burns receives a donation of a new wheelchair so he can safely hit the Metroparks trails. Burns, a diabetic whose right leg was amputated, survived 45 days of being in a coma in 2015. He enjoys the outdoors and starts his day at 5:30 am at Strawberry Park before heading to Wildwood. Burns is thankful for his new chair that was donated by the Browning Masonic Lodge. Originally intended for outdoor use only, Burns also uses the chair indoors. The chair is two inches narrower than his old one, allowing him to clear the doorways of his home. In addition to the new wheelchair, Burns also received a new winter coat from Bonnar. ‘I love helping a person in need‘ stated Bonnar. ‘We see Mark almost every day. He did not reach out once for help. It feels great when you can do something good for someone else. He’s such an inspiring, special person.’ Burns is very thankful for his park friends and is touched by the gifts they orchestrated. ‘You never want to give up,’ he said. ‘I am extremely thankful for the chair and for the winter coat. It’s perfect for when I go out. I’m very appreciative. I have worked my whole life and I’m very independent. This helps me to keep wheeling.’

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  1. Good people like you deserve to have good things happen. God Bless you and Bless Mike for helping you out!

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