Spring It On: seasonal décor inspired by the garden

by Jennifer Ruple
PUBLICATION DATE: March 16, 2021

Warmer temperatures and sunnier skies are finally here, and we are so ready for spring. Is your home? Hop to it and let the outdoors inspire your seasonal and Easter décor.
In Bloom
Bring the beauty of the season into your home with flowering branches. Shop your yard for forsythias, lilacs, cherry blossoms, honeysuckle and pussy willows, all great choices for forcing branches. Cut branches on an angle with sharp, clean pruners and put them in warm water. Arrange the branches in a tall, clear vase and place in a spot with good indirect light. Remember to change the water every few days to ensure the longest life for your blooms.
Napkin Rings
Give your napkins some “carrot-ture.” Create napkin rings from recycled paper towel tubes. Make a vertical cut through the entire length of each tube, then cut the tubes into 1½-inch pieces. Lay each tube piece on a 6-inch piece of burlap ribbon. Bring the sides of the ribbon up and around the tube and secure with hot glue. Overlap ends of tubes and glue together. To hide the seam, glue on twine-wrapped carrots or other colorful vegetables.

Places, everyone
Egg cups make great place card holders. Tuck in neutral-colored moss to create a nest for moss or dyed eggs to sit in. Glue on a tiny tag and embellish with a vintage button.
Garden Party
A neutral backdrop of linen, burlap, and white dinnerware sets the stage for a garden party accented with spring green and tones of orange. Moss covered bunnies are dressed up in linen ribbons and vintage buttons and are ready to graze on a centerpiece of herbs and veggies nestled in a bird’s nest basket.
Orange burlap carrots dance around the dining room chandelier. Carefully wrap a wired garland of greenery to create the base. Finish the display with another garland made from burlap carrots.

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