Local Food Entrepreneur wins CIFT Excellence Award

by Jennifer Ruple
PUBLICATION DATE: April 01, 2021

Danielle Arbinger, owner and creator of Guac Shop, is the winner of the 2020 Center For Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) Excellence Award. The award recognizes outstanding achievement and performance, and all companies that produce from the Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen (NOCK) in Bowling Green, Ohio are eligible to win.
Arbinger created Guac Shop in 2018, and her gourmet guacamole was introduced to the Sylvania community via the Sylvania Farmers Market in 2019. She plans to attend this upcoming season as a part-time vendor. “I have the most amazing, loyal customers and businesses that buy Guac Shop,” said Arbinger. “I love converting people who thought they didn’t like avocado or guacamole into regular customers,” she added.
Guac Shop guacamole is preservative-free and available in five flavors – Original, Spicy, Opamole (Greek-style guac), and Mild or Spicy Locomole (Jalapeno-cream guac). Snack packs are also offered which include three ounces of Original guacamole and tortilla chips. “This year I’m really going to focus on getting the snack packs out into the market,” she commented. “We will also be offering our own locally made chips to be sold alongside our guacamole in stores and farmers markets.”

Danielle Arbinger is the owner and creator of Guac Shop.

For those who are interested in becoming food entrepreneurs, Arbinger offers this advice. “Make sure you have a product that is not only delicious but unique in some way. Then do a lot of research before taking the leap. Go to stores, see what your competition is doing and strategize how you can stand out. Make sure you will be able to competitively price your product and still make a profit.”
On March 31 at 4 pm, a live streaming virtual ceremony will be held to present Arbinger with her award. To watch the ceremony, visit the NOCK Facebook page. “I’m so honored that I was chosen for the award. I have so much respect for CIFT, and I am so grateful that this facility is near where I live,” said Arbinger. “Every time I am there, I learn something that will help further my business. I appreciate what they do for food producers in the area.”

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