COMPUTER 101–When to Get a New Laptop

The Mouse Trap
by Janis Weber

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In recent years technology has evolved, and we have witnessed a shift from using a desktop computer to a laptop. Due to its convenience, you might get a laptop for work, gaming, etc. You may ask how long do laptops last? Today we will shed light on this topic and show you when to get a new laptop.
Laptop lifespan depends on how much you spend on the machine to a large extent. The more expensive the laptop is, the longer it lasts. If the laptop is less than $600 or $700, it can be used for 2-4 years. If you pay $700 to $1000, the average lifespan is 3-5 years. Laptops that cost more than $1000 can last 4-7 years.
This statement is not absolute. How long a laptop should last is also determined by the tasks that the machine performs in daily use. If you are using a laptop to only do some light tasks, for example web browsing, watching videos, listening to music, emailing, and more, it will last for a long time and it may last much longer than average. However, if you perform some intensive tasks like video editing, graphic design, using rendering program, gaming, etc., the hardware may be influenced, and the laptop will reach peak performance in just a few years. In short, the hardware of the laptop, how you use it and what you use it for work together to impact the lifespan of your computer. For instance, a mid-range laptop will last for roughly 4-5 years with regular use.

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Laptop
If you take care of your laptop when using it, the lifespan can be expanded. Now, let’s see some things that you should do to prolong the life of your laptop. Keep the laptop away from food or any liquids. After finishing charging the PC, remember to unplug the charging cable. Clean your laptop at regular intervals to remove all dust or grime by following proper cleaning procedures. Keep the laptop running at low temperatures. This is because overheating components can lead to many issues, shortening the laptop’s life. Upgrade your laptop whenever possible to optimize its performance. For instance, you can add more RAM for this PC or use a better storage drive like an SSD (solid state drive). Usually, installing antivirus software is recommended, for example, Norton, McAfee, Webroot or even better, use on the on-board Windows Defender for free and add Malwarebytes plus a VPN (Virtual Private Network) at a low cost.

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