Zane’s brings its Lebanese cuisine to Lambertville

Zane Ismail, second from left, and his sons Muhamed, Jaafer, and Ali enjoy working together.

The second Zane’s Lebanese Grill opened in the former Yalakol location in Deer Creek Plaza, 7300 Secor Rd., Lambertville, Mich.

“We are excited to bring love and care through our healthy, freshly made Lebanese food to the Lambertville community,” noted Ali Ismail. He and his two brothers Muhamed and Jaafer, and sister Batoul have been working alongside their father, Zane, in their Sylvania location at 4900 McCord Rd. in Sylvan Plaza, for the last five years and nine years before that in their first Sylvania location.

“We have been looking for the right location for a second restaurant for the past two years,” Ali Ismail explained. “When this Lambertville space became available, we knew it was perfect. The former restaurant also featured Lebanese fare and was very successful. Unfortunately, the owner passed away very suddenly and the restaurant had to be closed.”

Ramy Eidi, the Deer Creek owner and long time family friend, negotiated the lease with the Ismails.
“We also like to think we are bringing these two communities together. We really are very connected when you realize how convenient it is to drive up Summit Street to Sylvania-Petersburg Road to reach this Lambertville location,” Ali Ismail said.

The new location features the same menu as the Sylvania location. Customers choose either a pita or a bowl for one price and add the rest, starting with a meat selection or grape leaves. Those meat selections include gyro chicken or meat, Tawook (marinated chicken breast), Kafta (seasoned ground beef and lamb) grilled falafel, or grape leaves. Next, they select toppings: yellow or brown rice, pickles, grilled vegetables, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and shredded or feta cheese. Then they can select sauces including cucumber, Zane’s homemade garlic, BBQ or Lebanese salsa. Customers can also order a variety of side dishes including veggie grape leaves, hummous, fetoush salad, Greek salad, and yogurt and cucumber salad. The Ismails use all fresh healthy products for the recipes they prepare from scratch. “My dad has been cooking for over 45 years using traditional recipes that have been in our family for years,” Muhamed Ismail said.

Meat and spinach pies, Lebanese espresso coffee and special herbal teas are on the menu and baklava and rice pudding are available for desserts.

“We like to think this is Lebanese food with a Chipotle-style twist … healthy, quick, casual, on-the-go food,” Jaafer Ismail chuckled. “We also have brought our same emphasis on outstanding special customer service to the new restaurant.”

“My children want to carry on the legacy that we have established,” noted Zane Ismail. “They all have advanced college degrees in the health field, yet they have put their careers aside to help build our restaurants. My children are all entrepreneurs. This started as a family business and continues to be and they all appreciate the value of healthy eating. They are eager to share their knowledge with those who are interested. It truly is a joy to work alongside each of my children,” he said.

“We enjoy working together and we all love working with our dad,” the three brothers and their sister agreed. “The possibilities here are endless.”

Both restaurants are open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm.

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