Athletic facilities benefit community

Joshua Repp

Sylvania Northview High School has a number of athletic facilities that it uses for sports programs and classes. These include the Northview pool and the various sports fields.

In addition to sports and classes, the pool is used by the public through “open swims.” Groups and organizations also use the pool. “We have lots of community groups that come in and use our pool, so it is very well used,” said Northview Pool Manager Holly Williams.

Sylvania Masters Swim Club is one such group, and provides practices for Sylvania members that are 18 years and older. Sylvania Tsunami Swim Club is another that offers its services to “young people from throughout the Toledo area,” according to the website.

“We pull kids there from all around Sylvania, and even the southeast Michigan area because it is a really good club in the area,” said Williams about the Sylvania Tsunami Swim Club.

And because of the different organizations that use the Northview pool, the sense of community that comes along with it reaches many different people.

“We’re starting to get a lot of younger people who are just out of high school or college who are excited to find that we have a good core of older excellent swimmers,” said Sylvania Masters Swim Club Coordinator, Karen Geiser. The benefit, Geiser explained, is the community they gain that can inspire them and give them a reason to swim.

“Having a pool makes Sylvania a better place to be. We’re super fortunate to have it,” concluded Williams.
But, the pool is not the only facility that is used by the public. The athletic fields are used by partnerships that Northview makes with Sylvania area organizations.

“We have good partnerships, whether it’s with Lourdes or with Sylvania Recreation,” said Chris Irwin, athletic director at Sylvania Northview High School.

Irwin added that Northview seeks to provide a safe and comfortable environment for those in the community to use. One example of this is the elementary school cross country race at Northview, where many families come together.

“We make decisions that are going to impact our kids and our community. Our partnerships with Lourdes and Sylvania Recreation bring the community component into it, and we want to continue to build strong programs,” Irwin said.

Sylvania Recreation District partners with the Sylvania Schools to benefit those participating in a broad range of athletic programs. One example—offering camps and clinics for children—uses Sylvania Schools’ facilities and Lourdes University to provide venues and instructors. Those offered at Northview include basketball, cheerleading, and football camps, among others.

The effects that stem from the partnerships and usage of the Northview facilities, have a great impact on the community. The benefit for all ages is what gives meaning to sports and brings Sylvania together.

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