SACIC helps launch Spacesicle

L-R: Gabe Ng accepts a check from SACIC’s Administrator Bill Sanford, President Jeff Clegg, and Loan Committee Chairman Steve Leamy to remodel his downtown Sylvania space to create a coworking space.

Gabe Ng of Spacebar plans to convert his downtown office at 5687 Main St. to Spacesicle, a coworking space, with help from the Sylvania Area Community Improvement Corporation’s low-interest five-year loan program.

Ng’s request for a $10,000 loan was granted, allowing the renovations for the new use of his space to be completed. The two back offices have already been combined to create a lounge area complete with a kitchen,  a coffee and tea bar, adult beverage lockers, and coolers. A large television screen mounted to the wall allows those using the coworking space to work, relax and enjoy the space and even play video games and other Xbox activities.

The front half of the office space will be renovated to create an almost clubhouse-like space with wood paneling on one wall and exposed brick on the opposite wall.  Up to three individual work areas will be available in an open office environment.

Spacebar, Ng’s computer company, will be one of the tenants of the new space. Ng envisions himself serving coffee to other tenants as he works from his private area. “My role is to focus on serving those who choose to be here,” he offered. “I want this to be a place for people who enjoy being on Main Street and being part of a neighborhood as they are conducting their business.”

“In other coworking spaces, usually one person might happen to come in at a time and is able to use his or her private space while enjoying the entire area,” he explained.

Coworking tenants also will have 24-hour, seven-day week access to the building so they are able to come and use the space when it is convenient for them.

“Many people are tired of working from home and long to have a comfortable and appealing space from which to work on occasion,” he stated.

According to Ng, phase two of the renovation project involves creating a covered back patio, which he feels will further enhance the coworking space as well as make better use of the rear of the building.

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