Earth to Oven updates kitchen, more

Jan Robie and Claudia Spann enjoy lunch at one of the tables on the Earth to Oven porch.

“We’re cooking on all burners,” chuckled Robyn Tebinka, Earth to Oven’s head chef. “Actually, after three long years, we really are cooking in a much better way. We have added a new six-burner range and a new hood fan. This makes preparing omelets, hot soups, and other hot items so much more efficient and easier than using the hot plates we had been working with. The new kitchen range also allows us to greatly expand the offerings on our fall menu.”

“We specialize in made-from-scratch soups, salads, unique sandwiches served on Zingerman’s breads, and fresh baked goods. We don’t use microwaves or fryers, so adding these six burners and the new hood has been such a help to us in the kitchen,” she said.

In addition, Tebinka is ready to offer Belgium waffles for the Saturday morning brunch crowd. These rectangular-shaped waffles are lighter and thicker than the more traditional American-style waffle and have extra deep pockets to hold more fillings or syrup.

The kitchen updates, interior modifications and creating individualized enclosed booths in the restaurant, have been well received by customers, according to Tebinka. “People seem to enjoy the intimacy of the booths that Earth to Oven owner JamiLynn Fox created,” she offered.

“And, the outdoor seating has also been a welcome addition. Customers tell us they like the fact they can enjoy a fairly private space but also easily chat with customers at other tables if they so choose,” Tebinka stated.
Ceiling fans keep the air moving while plastic shades can be dropped to enclose the outdoor seating in cooler weather. “Customers also tell us that even during the coldest days of winter, if the sun is shining, the temperature on the porch is quite comfortable,” Tebinka said. “The indoor seating configurations and outdoor eating areas were both created as the result of the pandemic but they both have become a most welcome addition to the restaurant.”


The indoor restaurant can accommodate up to 18 diners and the outdoor porch also can accommodate up to 18 people.

Earth to Oven is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 2:30 pm. Breakfast and lunch are offered on Saturday.

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