Chris and Kristy’s Boutique opens in downtown Sylvania

Chris and Kristy Binkowski

Chris and Kristy Binkowski have opened Chris & Kristy’s Boutique featuring their curated jewelry collection at 5658 N. Main St. “We are so happy to be in downtown Sylvania,” Chris said. “The new building owners are planning to renovate the exterior of the building and we will have a large plate glass window, which will give our boutique a great deal of visibility.”

According to Binkowski, he and his wife started their boutique sales in August of 2020 selling their jewelry online. The success of that endeavor led them to decide to open their jewelry store in Sylvania.

The jewelry business idea started when Chris Binkowski went shopping for a wedding ring three years ago. He was amazed at the difference in pricing for the same ring … a difference that prompted him to look into the source. “I have grown up in the valuation business so I am very aware of cost differentials.

After extensive research I found it was possible to buy a GIA certified natural diamond from an ethical dealer at a very good price,” Binkowski reflected. Not only did he acquire the stone, he went on to design the ring and was able to put it all together in time for his wedding. That successful endeavor prompted him to invest in a few more GIA-certified natural stones, which he was able to sell at a nice profit, yet far below the retail prices at local stores.

As he was making these transactions, Binkowski was also educating himself on natural diamonds, learning about the cut, clarity and more along with other gem stones. He also met and developed a world-wide network of ethical people who are able to supply diamonds and gem stones, along with craftspeople who cast the settings for the stones.


“I thoroughly research all of those I buy my stones from as well as all of the craftspeople who work with me to create the desired jewelry,” Binkowski promised. “Each stone is certified and the sources can be verified. We also do not deal with any goods from any regions in conflict.”

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