McCord hosts The Amazing Shake

L-R: Rotary members Connie White, Ken Wines, Cathy White, Mary Helen Darah, Allyson France, Emily Roach, Diana Robertson, Deb Chaney, Bryan Royer, Dottie Segur, and Ben Malczewski volunteer for The Amazing Shake

McCord Junior High seventh grade students “ran the gauntlet” Jan. 24 as they participated in The Amazing Shake, a national program created by the Ron Clark Academy, Atlanta, Ga. A total of 55 community volunteers spent the morning talking with students at one of the 48 stations comprising the gauntlet.

Classes were divided into two groups so each student visited 24 stations spending 90 seconds at each. Students received a numerical grade at each station based on a display of manners, discipline, respect and professional conduct. Students were encouraged to look at each volunteer as they talked, give a proper handshake and more.
Stations included topics such as the Welcome Center where stud

ents offered benefits of living in Sylvania to the volunteer; the Shark Tank, where students had to “sell” the volunteer on supporting a possible business; Conversation, where students talked one-on-one with a volunteer; Dress for Success, where students were required to select appropriate articles of clothing for a job interview; to name a few.

Twenty-three top scoring students then competed in Round Two, at Kripke Enterprises on Feb. 13. Students were scored on their interaction with employees, another interview process, and a team-building challenge.
The top eight students will compete in Round Three in March.

According to McCord Principal Susan Felver, meetings began last July to develop the program. She said she and former principal Josh Tyburski learned of The Amazing Shake when his children had the experience in Swanton Middle School, the only other northwest Ohio school to offer the program.

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