Gale Clark and Sue Briddell

–by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

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Gale Clark and Sue Briddell are co-owners of Harmony in Life.

At the beginning of 2009, sisters Gale Clark and Sue Briddell opened Harmony in Life in downtown Sylvania.

Gale had been a nurse for 20 years and Sue taught Business Technology at Northview High School for 30 years. Gale began moving toward alternative therapies in the 90s and became a Reiki Master and teacher. Sue practiced yoga for many years and became a yoga instructor as she approached the end of her teaching career. They wanted to share their knowledge and help the community, so when the building at 5747 N. Main St. became available, they knew they had found their ‘perfect space’— even though the economy was in a recession.

Harmony in Life offers a wide variety of healing modalities to assist one on his or her journey to wholeness. Harmony Shoppe is filled with unique items such as crystals, singing bowls, jewelry, aromatherapy, and many handmade items created by local artists. There are yoga classes offered by several teachers at various times during the day and also meditation sessions and workshops. The sisters welcome customers to stop in and check out a class to see if it is right for them. A complete schedule is listed on their website at Massage therapy, angel readings, private readings and healing, private meditation classes and spiritual counseling services are also offered.

Lindsay Samuelson, ND, also has an office in Harmony in Life. She is a licensed Naturopathic Medicine practitioner who combines her medical training and other therapeutic practices to focus on treating and supporting the whole individual and not just a particular diagnosis.

Gale and Sue have seen traditional medicine make big strides in support of alternative healing practices and yoga since the 90s. They are encouraged that traditional practitioners have begun to realize the benefits and importance of alternative therapies for patients.

Both long-time residents of Sylvania, the sisters have always wanted to give back and be an integral part of the community. Harmony in Life fulfills that goal.

Sylvania Advantage, in cooperation with Creative Oxygen, salutes these two exceptional women who share their wisdom and healing with us. We hope you visit them soon. Namaste! And as their website says, ‘Meditation is the language of your soul. Start a conversation.’

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