A tribute to my dad…

by Christy Cole

A person once said, “Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they haven’t met my dad.” Father’s Day is a great time to reflect and honor all the incredible fathers and father figures who have played a role in our lives. I am fortunate to have had so many positive male role models in my life growing up, but I am most thankful for my dad who instilled me the importance of always doing what’s right, being of service to others and so many other important life lessons.
My dad taught me never to take myself too seriously and the importance of having a good sense of humor. In grade school, on the days dad packed my lunch, the kids would anxiously circle around the lunch table to watch me open my lunch box because inside would be several enormous foil balls. The suspense would mount as I peeled each layer of foil back on every ball to discover what surprise was waiting inside. Sometimes it was a dog biscuit or cat food and the table would explode in laughter.

My dad also taught me the importance of showing up. On many occasions in high school, when I ignored his attempts to rouse me for school, our old vacuum cleaner would be strategically placed in my bedroom right next to my bed. My door would be shut, and the vacuum cord would be plugged in down the hallway. The roaring sound of the vacuum reverberating off my walls always did the trick and I was never late for school!
My dad also made me believe I had no limitations, and that a girl could do anything a boy could do. He taught me to throw a football fifty yards. He never let me quit a sport or activity when things got hard. He instilled in me the importance of always finishing what you start.
Out of all the lessons, I most appreciate that my dad has always been there when I needed him. Even when that meant after working all day, driving an hour to carry 60-inch tower speakers up four flights of stairs to my non-air-conditioned dorm room in a heat wave.
Thank you to my dad, and all the dads and father figures who are the “hero” in someone’s life. Especially for the sacrifices you make and all the hard work you do to support your families.
To my dad, thank you for being my hero and best friend.

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  1. What a great tribute and beautiful way to honor your dad on Father’s Day. I had the good fortune of working with Tom at Buckeye for a number of years and always found him to be an inspiration and lot of fun to work with. I hope your family had a great Father’s Day weekend and I join you in expressing gratitude for my dad and all the dads and father figures out there making a difference for their families.

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