The Mouse Trap
by Janis Weber

Mac Versus PC
The Mac vs. PC debate is one of the most controversial topics when it comes to computers. This page gives a comparison between computers running Apple’s macOS and those running Windows. This is meant to help users who are interested in buying a new computer, not dictating which brand is the “best.”
Although many people may argue, “you get what you pay for,” when compared to a PC, an Apple computer, along with its peripherals, is far more expensive. However, Apple computers are built well, with high-quality components, whereas all PCs are not. Nearly all PCs, including their peripherals, are far less expensive when compared to a new Mac. They are especially cheaper when it comes to customization of the computer’s components. Both macOS and Windows 10 are clean, fast, highly capable operating systems. In this category, it comes down to personal preference and the user’s specific needs. This category is a tie.

The number of software titles for Mac has grown over the years. However, Windows dominates the computer software market share, and developers are more likely to create software for PCs because of its larger user base. Furthermore, there are 100s of free programs available for PC that are not available to Mac owners. PC wins this category.
Apple machines may be customized with several options. All their computers come pre-built and are only manufactured by Apple. PCs, however, have more pre-built options, due to a higher number of manufacturers. Furthermore, for those who want to build a computer, the options for customization are exponentially higher. PC wins this category.
Not all PCs are the same. There are many PC manufacturers, and thousands of models of computers, which means not everything mentioned above applies to every PC.
My Apple can run Windows. Microsoft Windows can run on Apple computers using Boot Camp, which means not everything above may apply to your Mac. In the case of gaming, you may be able to run the latest games on your Mac using Boot Camp. However, Boot Camp is not perfect, and it does not mean every game can run on your computer since PC games are not developed with Apple hardware in mind. It’s also not unlikely to encounter problems and have performance issues. Choose between Mac or PC. Do not blend them.
How long does a computer last? There is no set answer. The better the components, the longer it will run smoothly. A custom-built model can be less expensive as well as better constructed. A person, not a conveyor belt assembles your machine with only the parts you need allowing you to invest in the important components and save on others. So, the best guess is that your new computer should last 3-8 years. I had mine custom-built in 2013 as a Windows 8, upgraded to Windows 10 and it still runs like new after seven years. I put the best processor in and maxed out the RAM (memory).
The bottom line these days is you either are a MAC lover or understand that a PC can be just as good for less money and with more software options. If you are running Windows 7 or upgraded that to Windows 10 you are running out of time as your computer slows down. It still has the mother board and processor for Windows 7.

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