Sylvania–Then and Now–6741 Maplewood Avenue

by Gayleen Gindy
PUBLICATION DATE: April 12, 2021

This house on Maplewood Avenue is definitely over 100 years old. County records say it was constructed in 1867, but the 1861 Map of the Village of Sylvania shows that the house was already there in 1861. Since Oristen Holloway purchased this land in 1857, it is my guess that he built this house in 1857, especially since his occupation was listed as a carpenter and joiner in the 1860 census. The owners over the last 164 years are recorded as follows:

  • 1857 – Oristen Holloway
  • 1878 – Sarah J. Whitney
  • 1880 – Ellis G. Parker
  • 1897 – Elida M. Parker
  • 1909 – Ira Smith
  • 1921 – Ida H. Smith
  • 1948 – Ralph E. Smith
  • 1948 – Mahlon W. and Louise Cooper
  • 1995 – Karen Noe, Trustee
  • 1996 – Mark and Shelly Schafer
  • 2004 to current – Russell D. Korb

Oristen Holloway married Elizabeth Wood in 1842. They were living in Richfield Township as of the 1850 census and he was working as a laborer on the farm of Pliny Lathrop, brother of Lucian Lathrop who lived in the “Lathrop House.” By the 1860 census they were living in this house on Indiana Avenue, which later became Maplewood Avenue. Oristen was 44 years old, his occupation was listed as carpenter and joiner, he owned $1,600 in real estate, and the value of his personal estate was $2,000. Also living in the house with them was their son Alvin Holloway – 15 years old, and a boarder Margaret McDowell – 12 years old.
Oristen Holloway enlisted in the Civil War on August 14, 1862 and acquired the title of Lieutenant during the time he served with the Army in Company H of the 111th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Then in 1864, while the war was still raging on, his son Alvin O. Holloway, enlisted in the Civil War at the age of 21 years. He served as a private with the 25th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
In 1867 Alvin O. married Rebecca F. Millard, and they had one child named Rebecca in 1869. Sometime before the 1870 census was taken his wife passed away. In the 1870 census the following were living in this home: Oristen Holloway – 53 years – carpenter – value of real estate owned $3,300 – value of personal estate $600; Elizabeth Holloway – 47 years – keeping house; Alvin O. Holloway – son – widowed – 25 years old – clerk in store; Rebecca M. Holloway – granddaughter – 2 years old; and Ella Kirk – 12 years old.

Real estate records show that the Holloways sold this home to Sarah J. Whitney in 1878 and they purchased 80 acres in Section 8 of Sylvania Township, on Centennial Road, from M.A. Whitney that same year.
Sarah J. Whitney only owned the home for two years before selling it to Ellis G. Parker in 1880. Ellis Parker operated the hotel that used to be located on the northwest corner of Main and Maplewood at the time. He was previously married to Alice Smith who had died in 1865. Then in 1866 he married Elida M. Hare. When Ellis passed away in 1897 Elida continued to live in this home and was living there as of the 1900 census. She was listed as 69 years old, widowed, no children born, and owning the home free of mortgage. Also living on the property, in a separate household, were Anna Probert – 52 years – dress maker; Elida Probert – 49 years – milliner; and Edna N. Haughton – 56 years – boarder.
Elida Parker died in 1909 and the property was sold to the Smiths that same year. Ira and Ida Smith were listed living here in the 1910 census. Ira died in 1918 and Ida continued to live here. In the 1920 census Ida was listed as living here, 58 years old and widowed, living alone. Ten years later, when the 1930 census was taken, Ida was still listed living here, 69 years old, widowed. Living with her at this time was her sister Flora A. Ruhl – 71 years old – widowed; and Joyce Hart – boarder – 11 months old.
In October of 1938 Ida Smith obtained a building permit to alter an old barn on the property in order to use it as a storage shed. She had the rest of the barn demolished by Ben H. Wyant.
In the 1940 census Ida Smith was living by herself and was listed as 79 years old. The census
taker noted that a separate dwelling on the property was vacant.
The Nov. 8, 1945 issue of the Sylvania Sentinel reported that Mrs. Ida Smith, a young lady of 86 years, was leaving for California by plane to spend the winter with her son. The article said that she lived on Maplewood Ave., and had never been up in a plane before.
Ida died in 1948 and the house transferred to her son. He sold it that same year to the Coopers. Mahlon and Louise Cooper were married in 1947, purchased this home, and lived here from 1948 until Louise passed away in 1995 while residing at the Goerlich Center in Sylvania. Mahlon sold the home in 1996 and he died in 1999, also while residing at the Goerlich Center. Mahlon had been employed as a contract painter for more than 35 years, retiring in 1983. He served during World War II in the U.S. Air Force. Louise had worked as a volunteer at Flower Hospital for many years.
The Schafers owned this home for eight years, and directories indicate that they lived here while they owned it. The current owner has lived here for 17 years.­­­­

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