Southview student continues start-up business

by Steven Bieber

During the pandemic, most people were forced to spend long periods of time in their homes with little to do. This allowed some people to explore other hobbies and passions. For some people, they were able to start a new business. Breyana Kemp, senior at Southview High School, started painting shoes for her business during quarantine called Bresie’s Creations. Her passion for art started when she was a child.
“Ever since I was about five, I’ve been coloring and drawing. When I was younger, I used to look at a TV screen … let’s say SpongeBob and I would just look at it and start drawing the characters by hand.”
Kemp started her business last summer during the pandemic. “Over the summer during COVID, I was bored in the house and then one of my friends asked if I could paint her shoes and I just said yea because she’s my friend. My mom posted it on Facebook, everybody saw it and that’s how my shoe business started.”

The price range for her business can range from $50-$100 dollars depending on the shoe type, what kind of paint she must use, and what the customer wants painted on. Painting shoes can be a difficult process depending on what Kemp needs to paint.
“One of my shoes I did I put a whole bunch of cartoon characters on it and you have to get the small eyes and the mouth and it’s really hard to get all the detail on there.”
Kemp says she plans to go to Columbus College of Art and Design to major in graphic illustration and minor in fine arts. The plan for Kemp is to continue her business during college. “During college I’m going to try to continue my business. Then, after college, they have internships and I’m going to see where that takes me.”
People who want to have their shoes painted can reach her on her Facebook page, her Instagram (@bresies_creations), and soon she will have her own website for people to contact her.

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