It’s time to transition to winter decor

by — Jennifer Alexander Ruple

When it’s time to “undecorate” your home after the holidays, are you team pack-it-up-the-day-after-Christmas, or are you team let-it-linger-into-the-new-year? Personally, I have been on both sides of the fence, depending on the year. 

Regardless of your decorating preferences, it will eventually be time to transition your home from holiday mode to winter mode, that seemingly endless stretch of time between the holidays and spring. Until the birdies start chirping and the daffodils emerge, here are some ideas to help make the transition a little smoother. 

Creating a winter vibe: a vintage soup tureen, filled with greens and small birch logs, takes center stage on a buffet flanked by a trio of candlesticks holding green, spiral taper candles.

Yes, the task of “undecorating” can seem daunting. Maybe that’s why some of us procrastinate well into January. Begin the process by tackling the room with the most holiday decor first. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment early on.

Go ahead and take the tree and mantel or staircase garlands down, but it’s okay to leave evergreens around your home. If you are lucky enough to have evergreens in your own yard, snip a few branches and refresh bowls and vases. Fresh greens not only bring life to a space, but they also smell good. For an extra wintery feel, tuck in pinecones, cinnamon sticks, dried citrus slices, or small birch logs.

It’s time to pack up the red pillows, ribbons, candles and ornaments. The same goes for any Santas or items with Santa motifs on them. Snowmen are okay as long as they aren’t wearing red or have Santa motifs. After all, snow equals winter. 

Consider adding large houseplants, fresh or faux, to areas where Christmas trees stood. A tall ficus tree or fiddle leaf fig will fill in the gap and provide coziness to the bare space.

Replace light strands with a few extra candles or fairy lights. They’ll provide a little glimmer until the daylight becomes longer. Before storing battery-operated lights, candles and remotes, remember to remove all batteries to avoid corrosion.

Don’t stash those comfy throw blankets and pillows just yet. There is still plenty of time this season to enjoy plush textiles such as fur and velvet, especially while sitting by the fireplace. 

With a few small decorating swaps, you’ll be left with a fresh look and a cozy vibe in your home to bridge the wintery gap till spring.

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