Sylvania Then & Now – 5804 Summit Street

Gayleen Gindy

This catalog home was built in 1909 and owned by John and Rose Grout. Records show that a detached garage was also constructed in 1909. The Grouts were listed living in Whiteford Township, Mich. as of the 1900, 1910 and 1920 census records. He was listed as a farmer, so they must have been renting out this home from 1909 through 1926 while they owned it.

In 1926 Charles M. Showler purchased this home. He owned it for the next 41 years, until 1967. Showler had married Clara Schaedler in 1924 in Adrian, Mich. They purchased this home two years later and in the 1930 census they were listed living here. The home was valued at $8,000. He was listed as 39 years old and employed as an independent plasterer. Clara was listed as 41 years old.

The 1940 census listed the Showlers still living here. He was 49 years old and employed as a plasterer in the building trades. Clara was 51 years old. In 1942 Charles Showler completed his World War II registration card listing his address on Summit Street. He was 51 years old and self-employed.

The 1950 census shows them still living here. He was listed as 58 years old and employed as a plasterer in the building trade. Clara was listed as 60 years old. Clara passed away in 1955. Her obituary said she was 67 years old, born in Port Clinton, resided at 5804 Summit St. and died in Mercy Hospital. Charles died in 1966. They were buried in Toledo Memorial Park Cemetery. The application for a veteran headstone was filed by his brother and listed Charles serving during World War I with Co. E – 330 Infantry earning the rank of Corporal by Feb. 21, 1919 when he was honorably discharged. His obituary said that he was 75 years old, lived at 5804 Summit, died in Mercy Hospital, and was a self-employed cement mason.

In 1967 the home was sold to James and Betty Clegg. They owned it for five years. Her maiden name was Woodyard, and he was a World War II veteran who earned the rank of Sergeant while serving with the 82nd Airborne Division. He was involved in the Invasion of Sicily, Normandy, France, Battle of the Bulge and Salamo, Italy. He received the Silver Star. Clegg grew up at 5826 Summit St. and was a volunteer firefighter for the Sylvania Township Fire Department starting in 1947. His obituary in 2001 said he worked as a firefighter for the government, among many other firefighting positons, then 35 years with Willis Day Storage Co. in the property management department. He was a member of the board of directors for the Toledo Memorial Park for over 40 years. After they sold this home in 1972 they appear to have lived in Ottawa Lake, Mich.

Robert and Becky Sheets purchased the home in 1972 and in 1975 the home transferred into just Becky’s name. Bob Sheets was a volunteer, then part-paid, firefighter with the Sylvania Township Fire Department from 1965 until 2005 with 40 years of service, retiring as a Captain of the part-paid department.

In 1975, Charles and Lucille Quinnell purchased the home. In 1983 it transferred into just Charles’ name, then in 1997 to their daughters, Carol Quinnell and Lynn Williamson. From 1997 until current it has been in the name of Quinnell Investments. Suburban Directories through 1977 show Becky Sheets renting the home.

From 1978 through 2022 the house has been rented out and the list of tenants is just too long to include here.

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  1. I wish to make contact with the person who wrote the May 16-June 6, 2022 Centennial Anniversary article mentioning Macolm Lukowski. He was my father and I grew up on the 20-acre farm mentioned. I have unanswered questions I would like to discuss. Thank you.

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