The Mouse Trap – Make your printer ink last longer

Janis Weber

The average printer has an estimated lifespan of only three to five years. Sooner or later, you may need to upgrade but proper upkeep and maintenance can postpone that date. All printers need some TLC now and then, as with most electronics. To make sure gadgets last their entire lifecycle, follow the biggest rule of all: Keep them clean! Dust and debris build up over time, clogging essential mechanics from the inside out. Make sure to dust the printer regularly. Some recommend even cleaning the printer head once a month. If you clean it with water, remove the printer head and ensure it’s completely dry before reattaching.

Print in all colors every few weeks. That’s right, now and then try to print with all the ink colors available. It doesn’t have to be a vivid full-page image. Just one word in each color will do. If colors are not used for too long, things can get clogged up. Printing with each color ensures that you’re putting the inner mechanics to work. Think of it like exercise, a printer needs to stretch its muscles, so to speak, to stay strong. Of course, the printer may last a long time without this step. It’s just that this trick can make a world of difference in the long run.

How about some support phone numbers?

It’s very dangerous to Google search tech company phone numbers. Scammers work the system to get spoofed websites and phone numbers as the top search results via ads. Here are a few solid phone numbers you can rely on:
Amazon: 888-280-4331
Microsoft: 800-642-7676
Apple: 800-275-2273
Google: 650-253-0000
Meta (Facebook and Instagram): 
Roku: 816-272-8106
Samsung: 800-726-7864
PayPal: 888-221-1161
Zoom: 888-799-9666

Google knows too much about you:

You might think of Big Tech companies as untouchable giants that are far removed from everyday life. In reality, these companies want to get close and personal with you. Google is a big admirer of its users, which is why you might want to find out all the things Google knows about you.

Maybe you thought Google didn’t know your age, gender, marital status or hobbies. Actually, it collects a ton of personal data so it can serve you ads you want to click on and ads are far and away the biggest money-maker for Google. 

Google knows where you are and where you have been. They know where your photos are taken and when. They know what you like by the advertising you look at.


To keep the ads from following you, here is my suggestion. Wipe out history and turn off cookies. Opt out of any ads. Go incognito by doing this. Every major web browser: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera has private, or incognito, browsing. Turning this feature on means your browser will ignore cookies, including ad-tracking cookies. Your computer won’t record your browsing history, it’s almost like you were never online.

Definition of The Day

The Control Panel in Microsoft Windows enables a user to change various computer hardware and software features. Settings for the mouse, display, sound, network, and keyboard represent a few examples of what may be modified in the Control Panel. A Mac computer, Chromebook, smartphones, and tablets, do not have a Control Panel. The closest equivalent is System Preferences on a Mac and Settings on a Chromebook.

I Make House Calls (I am fully vaccinated and masked if requested)

I will come to your home or office and help you with almost any predicament including repairs, upgrades and personal software tutoring. I can be your resident “Geek.” I have an endless amount of patience and knowledge with years of experience. Send me a text or call at 419-290-3570. FYI, I will be holding classes at The Sylvania Senior Center beginning in October.

Janis Weber, B.A., owner of Ohio Computer Training & Support, is a professional computer adjunct instructor. E-mail any specific questions or comments to or contact her for assistance at 419-290-3570. Private tutoring and repairs are just a phone call, text, or email away. Check her out on the Sylvania AdVantage website titled Computer 101.

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