Northview kicker makes his mark

Joshua Repp

Alex Kasee
Photo by John Crisman, AssetWare Photography

Alex Kasee, the kicker for Northview’s football team, is making his mark at school and looking to his future. He has a five-star kicking rating from Kohl’s Kicking, is ranked #36 among kickers nationally, and more. With that and his confidence from practices, he has high hopes for the future.

Kasee has played sports his whole life. He started off playing soccer when he was four years old. He switched to football in eighth grade, deciding to punt as well as play other positions. He specifically decided to pursue punting because of the background he had with soccer. “I’m happy with what I’ve done now that I’ve stuck with football,” Kasee said.

Continuing his football journey, Kasee started playing the game again during his sophomore year. He is playing varsity football this year—his senior year—and he wants to keep improving. “I’m trying to continue the two previous seasons that were good and trying to bounce and do good this year also,” he stated.

So far Kasee has earned several awards. Among them is a five-star kicking rating from Kohl’s Kicking, first team All Ohio for kicking, and two Northview MVP special teams.

His experience with football has also made an impact on him as a person. “I’m meeting a lot of people across the country, so it’s making an impact on my outlook. I’m learning from other people how they view things in their life. Learning from other people definitely is a big part of my experience with football because I can bring those values into my life, and I can teach other people with that.”

The Northview team and community have motivated Kasee throughout his football journey. “The Northview athletic department is great. I love Chris Irwin and my coach Greg Silm. They’re both great guys. They’re helping me and pushing me to be my best. I love the team. All four years I’ve been here I’ve made good friends.  Everybody is genuine and kind to each other.”


Kasee is interested in pursuing a career related to sports in college as well as playing football. Kasee said that he will always remember the influence Sylvania had on him. “My family motivates me. They’ve put so much effort and time into me. I’ll remember the community and how supportive they are. They’ve been supportive to me, and they want everybody to do their best.” he reflected. “Or should that say they want me to do my best?”

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