The Superintendent gives thanks!

As we take time to enjoy this holiday season, I am sure many of us will also take time to reflect and appreciate the many gifts on our life’s journey. I am sending a special thank you to our parents/guardians for having faith in the Sylvania Schools, and more importantly, I thank you for trusting us with your most valuable treasure … your children. Your children come through our school doors with strong values, respect and kindness. Thank you for your commitment to ensuring their success and, in turn, our success. Continue reading The Superintendent gives thanks!

McCord to host The Amazing Shake

Four years ago, McCord began the initiative, “Four Houses, One Family.” This PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) program was designed to improve school culture and climate. The Amazing Shake is an extension of that initial program. The core goal of the event is to have students practice and perform skills that all employers find desirable in potential candidates they hope to employ. Such skills will include how to introduce yourself, make a sales pitch, make appointments, give explicit directions and of course, give an amazing handshake. The first round will take place Jan. 24 with over 50 volunteers from the business community participating and serving as judges for the competition. Continue reading McCord to host The Amazing Shake

Schools receive Ohio School Safety Grant

For the past eight years, McCord Junior High School Principal Susie Felver has been a member of the Sylvania School District’s Safety and Security Committee. That group, under various leaders, has been applying for and receiving Ohio school safety grants through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for six-plus years. Continue reading Schools receive Ohio School Safety Grant

Cougar Pride awards are back

Lunch took on an additional flavor in the Southview cafeteria on Friday Sept. 30. Between 20 to 30 students were honored with Cougar Pride awards in each of the three lunch periods and several students won prizes. Those gifts included rewards such as a first place in the lunch line, a prime parking spot for a month, tickets to the upcoming theater production, gift cards and more. Continue reading Cougar Pride awards are back

NV grad dots the ‘i’ on Oct. 1

On Oct. 1, Northview 2017 graduate and Ohio State University band member Noah Jockett realized a longtime dream. He dotted the “i” during the pregame performance of “Script Ohio,” an honor earned by only fourth or fifth year members of the KL or sousaphone section. “I had the honor of dotting during the halftime of the homecoming game, which also happened to mark the 100th anniversary of the first time Ohio State played a game in ‘The Shoe,’ (Ohio Stadium). It’s a lot of work to dot the ‘i,’ and what I mean by that isn’t that the actual ‘i’ dot is laborious, but that it is a multi-year process to get there. Band tryouts are an annual stressful activity. So every year you are fighting to get back into the band with the other 27 sousaphone players and getting one step closer to dotting the ‘i.’ I am definitely glad that I have finally completed the home stretch of such a long and arduous journey,” he stated. Continue reading NV grad dots the ‘i’ on Oct. 1

Northview kicker makes his mark

Alex Kasee, the kicker for Northview’s football team, is making his mark at school and looking to his future. He has a five-star kicking rating from Kohl’s Kicking, is ranked #36 among kickers nationally, and more. With that and his confidence from practices, he has high hopes for the future. Continue reading Northview kicker makes his mark

NV Band starts season strong

The Northview marching band held band camp to practice for football season two weeks before school. Their practices lasted for hours to review what to know for marching band, as well as teaching new music. Since then, the marching band has continued practicing, and performs at Northview Football’s games to support the team.

During the band camp, “[the students] learn their marching fundamentals, and most of the music that they will play the whole season—the show tunes and the stand tunes,” Band Director Nathan Heath said. “It’s a big head start.” Continue reading NV Band starts season strong