Hall of Fame established for Lourdes athletes, coaches, administrators

Lourdes University has announced the formation of a Athletics Hall of Fame, which will begin with the induction of its inaugural class on Nov. 3, 2023. Clark Kellogg will be the featured speaker at the ceremony.

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize former Lourdes University athletes, faculty and staff, and others associated with the university who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics, either by their performance on athletic teams or by outstanding contributions to athletics, and who have distinguished themselves since leaving Lourdes University.

Anyone can nominate for the inaugural class if the eligibility requirements are met based upon the category: student-athletes, coaches and administrators, or teams.


Lourdes University student-athletes can be nominated for contributions during their participation career. They must be a graduate of Lourdes University or have gone professional in their sport, are five years removed from the completion of playing career at Lourdes and had an outstanding career as a student-athlete.

Lourdes University coaches and administrators who are members or past members of the Lourdes University Athletic Staff must have a minimum of five years of active service to Lourdes University athletics and their outstanding career as faculty/staff member must be evident and have had a direct and significant impact upon athletics at Lourdes.

Lourdes Athletic Teams nominated will have had an outstanding season at least 10 years prior to the induction which brought national recognition and honor to the University.

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