Township Topics – January 9, 2023

Mike Jones

Informational open house

Sylvania Township will hold an informational open house Jan. 18 at 5 pm at fire station #4, 8210 West Sylvania Ave., to discuss acquiring adjacent property, rezoning part of the area and potentially building fire-training structures at the site.

The current zoning for the fire station is S-1, meant primarily for government property. The township plans to acquire adjacent property, including that directly north of the station, and have that property rezoned to S-1.

The township would then combine all of the parcels and have consistent zoning for governmental purposes. One purpose would be new training structures for the Sylvania Township Fire Department.

Christmas trees/lights

Sylvania Township is again offering a free drop-off location for used Christmas trees. Township residents may drop them at a designated location at the southwest corner of the parking lot of the administration building, 4927 Holland-Sylvania Rd. Trees must be free of decorations, tinsel, etc.

This year Sylvania Township is also offering free drop-off for nonworking Christmas lights. They can be discarded in a large green bin also located in the parking lot.


It will be some time before work begins, but the Sylvania Township road and services department has prepared a list of roads which will be resurfaced this coming season.

They are: all of Big Cypress, Willow Pond, Birch Bark, Big Hickory Run, Whispering Pine, Birch Run Court, and Harris Oak. There will be resurfacing of Pond View, in plat 6, Tranquil Breeze Lane, plats 2 and 3, Blue Water Lane, plats 5, 9 and 10, Golden Pond, plat 3, Hidden Court, plat 1, Meadow Landing Court, plat 2, Autumn Lake, plat 1, Summer Song Lane, plat 1, Anchor Hills, plats 5 and 10.

There will also be resurfacing of St. Angela Way, plat 6, Big Breeze Dr., plat 7, Duck Lake Court, plat 7, Linden Lake, plats 2 and 4, Live Oak, plat 4, Logwood Court, plat 4, Waterford Village, Birch Bark to 150 ft. north of Willow Pond, Charry Lake, plat 4, and Pine Lake plat 2.

Resurfacing is also scheduled for all of North and South Crestridge, North and South Arvilla, Woodbridge, Davenport, Ginger Hill, and Westminster.

In all there will be resurfacing to a total of 5.05 miles of Sylvania Township roadways.


The Sylvania Township Zoning Commission has recommended a change in zoning for a portion of 7311 West Central Ave.

The southern 100 feet of the two acre parcel is zoned low-density residential while the remainder is general commercial.

Daryl Graus, Sylvania Township planning and zoning manager, said the owner is asking for a zoning change for the southern portion to also be classified general commercial. The purpose is to establish consistent zoning for the parcel and avoid possible future issues due to differing zoning on one parcel.
The commission’s recommendation was unanimous.

Truck sale

Sylvania Township trustees have approved the sale of a 2006 International truck through an Internet auction. They approved an agreement with GovDeal, Inc, an organization which provides the means to sell items via an internet-based auction system. Sylvania Township can use this business to sell items which have been determined to be obsolete for township purposes.


The organization of Sylvania Township trustees for 2023 will stay as it was for 2022. John Crandall will remain chairman, with Neal Mahoney as vice chairman.

Regular meetings will be at 5 pm on the first and third Tuesdays of each month with zoning issues dealt with at 5:30 pm. Meetings are held at the Township Administration Building, 4927 North Holland-Sylvania Rd.

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