YMCA and Special Olympics Ohio to provide memberships at no cost to athletes

Special Olympics Ohio and the Ohio Alliance of YMCAs have formed a partnership to provide memberships at no cost for registered athletes and approved private providers who meet certain eligibility criteria.

“This is an incredible partnership to benefit our athletes and community-based organizations,” Special Olympics Ohio CEO Jessica Stewart said. “Not only will our athletes be able to enjoy the benefits of exercise, but they will also be able to spend time training for their year-round competitions. Our athletes will have the ability to improve all aspects of their lives through the opportunities our Ohio YMCAs have to offer.”


To be eligible, each SOOH athlete will be contacted by their local community-based organization and instructed to fill out a request form. Once the athlete has a current physical on file and is in good standing, he or she will receive a confirmation letter from his or her local organization. This approval, either digitally or on letterhead, can then be brought to one of the participating Ohio YMCAs.

In addition to the free membership, SOOH athletes will receive one personal training/wellness and coaching/wellness instructor session at no charge. Training and meeting space will be available at no charge for athletes as well as volunteer and employment opportunities.

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