Businesses, friendship reunited as Revé and Attitudes salons merge

Carmen Wigmans and Janice Edinger

Janice Edinger and Carmen Wigmans met while students in the Northview Cosmetology program.
Each pursued her individual dream, establishing two successful enterprises. Edinger and her husband Phil opened Attitudes, a Salon while Wigmans opened Revé Salon and Spa. They maintained their relationship through the years even as friendly competitors. Now they are merging their businesses, further strengthening their friendship.

“We have always shared similar ideas about our businesses and we both love what we do. We even use the same color systems and offer many of the same unique products. This is a great opportunity for both of us and our staff members,” Wigmans noted.
And Edinger agrees, “While Attitudes is more of a hair and nail salon and Revé is also a spa, our business models are compatible. My husband has served as the business manager since we opened our first Attitudes salon in 1989 and is ready to step back from that role. Since my passion is working with clients, doing hair, coaching and teaching those new to the business, this opportunity to join Revé comes at just the right time,” Edinger offered. The Attitudes staff will join the Revé group at the 5633 Main St. location the end of March.

About Revé Salon and Spa

Wigmans, after working in two salons, opened her own salon in 1988 in leased space in the Oak Tree Shopping Center on Holland Sylvania Road at Sylvania Avenue. While she had met her goal to have her own salon, she continued to have dreams of much more. When the opportunity presented itself in 1998, she acquired the 11,000-square-foot, three-story facility at 5633 Main St. in downtown Sylvania. “This is a wonderful old building and works well for all that I had envisioned,” Wigmans noted. Renovations to the 1902 facility were done in two phases and completed in 2005 when the second and third floors were finished. This allowed for the addition of more spa services along with nail and hair care, which had all been part of Wigman’s dream and plan.

“Revé is more than a salon and spa. Our patrons find their visit here more of an experience. We are part of the community. We serve as a hub, a downtown gathering place where people enjoy a social experience while looking forward to receiving their own special services,” she reflected. “We also offer a luxury array of skin and hair care products not found in the area, which does help us stand apart.”
According to Wigmans, she has always been a visionary and likes to think “outside the box.” She is not afraid to ask for help and does not fear failure. “That is just part of life,” she stated.

Wigmans also feels it is important to choose staff wisely. “I love to help them realize their dreams. I hire people who are happy and who value the importance of developing relationships with those we serve. After all, Revé is the French word for dream,” she said.

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