Two Frames are better than one

Mary Helen Darah

Dr. Mickey Frame had the honor of presenting a diploma to his son Dr. Zac Frame at his recent
graduation from the Palmer
College of Chiropractic.

Frame Chiropractic & Acupuncture moved to its a new location, 4417 N. Holland Sylvania Rd., last September. The relocation was not the only exciting event for the practice that started in Sylvania in 1989. Dr. Mickey Frame, who graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988, handed his son Zac his diploma at Palmer in 2023. The younger Dr. Frame now is part of the team that offers services including chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, acupuncture, injury prevention, chiropractic care for kids, physiotherapy and more.

Dr. Frame senior believes his son will be a wonderful addition and enhance the services they provide. “My practice has been a diverse mix with a focus on workers compensation and accident and sports injuries,” he stated. “Zac will bring his energetic personality, knowledge and enthusiasm, especially in dealing with our younger clientele.”

The younger Frame is currently working toward getting his sports certification. His father, who has been working with the Toledo Walleye team for years and before that the Toledo Storm, believes his son will be a great addition to that environment.

Care for children is another area the new chiropractor will focus on. “As a child with asthma, I know I benefited from chiropractic medicine. I missed 30 to 40 days of school each year and was told I couldn’t play sports, which I eventually was able to do. Chiropractic medicine opened up a new world to me. I went into the field because of my experience,” the senior Frame reported. The practice sees babies and children with colic, chronic ear infections, and migraines. “We help the body do what it is supposed to do; heal itself.”

Dr. Zac Frame also has begun training to be licensed in acupuncture, which can be completed under the chiropractic license. He is already trained in chiropractic medicine for small and large breed animals as well as horses. “I look forward to providing additional services in the future,” he stated. “I appreciate dad’s experience and believe that it is extremely positive that I may see things a bit differently. Our focus is on newer technologies. One thing we both agree on is the importance of knowing when to treat a patient and when to refer out.”

Dr. Zac Frame is a graduate of Northview High School, the University of Toledo and Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is also busy planning a June wedding. He will be joining a loyal staff that includes Kim Steyer (16 years of service), Talli Gromes (8 years of service), Zac’s aunt Emily Stechulte, who has been with the practice for the past three years, and two in-house massage therapists.

It is difficult for Dr. Frame to contain his emotions when discussing his son carrying on the family business. He stated, “I can’t believe I have a son old enough to be a chiropractor. Having Zac part of the practice will allow me to offer therapeutic exercise and rehab. Having an extra set of hands will provide the time to offer expanded services. It’s also an incredible feeling knowing that my practice will be in good hands down the road. The legacy will continue. I love seeing him in action. It’s a close second to having had the opportunity to hand him his diploma.”

Dr. Zac Frame is looking forward to sharing ideas and knowledge with his father. “They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but dad is open to new ideas. I couldn’t pick a better mentor. I will continue to learn from him. I have very big shoes to fill.”

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