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Spring brush pickup
Sylvania Township road crews begin the annual spring brush and leaf pickup on Monday, April 17. This one-time pickup service will remove piles of storm-damaged brush including branches and tree limbs.
Do not place brush or leaves in bags. Brush should not exceed six feet in length and six inches in diameter and is to be placed along the edge of the roadway in separate piles. Leaves also need to be placed in separate piles. Brush piles and/or leaf piles are not to be placed in the roadway, gutter area, or near utility poles. Also, avoid parking by either of those piles.
Crews perform a one-time sweep of roadways in the township. Residents can go to the Sylvania Township website and use its “grid tracker” to follow the progress of the crews as they provide service for more than 174 miles of road.

Zoning variances approved
The Sylvania Township Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approved two variance requests for Fairways Bar & Grill at its Monday, April 3 meeting. The restaurant, located at 8256 W. Central Ave., is on the northeast corner of Central Avenue and Centennial Road. The Sylvania Township Zoning Resolution requires a 35-foot front setback for commercially zoned parcels. Owner Jeff Kaminsky requested a 14-foot variance to enclose a new outdoor patio, currently 21 feet from the right-of-way of Centennial Road, with a six-foot high privacy fence. He explained that the higher fence would help block traffic noise from the highly traveled Centennial Road. In addition, Kaminsky asked to be allowed to build a gazebo for the new patio 30 feet from Centennial Road, a variance of five feet. The BZA decision was made following the recommendation of approval by Planning and Zoning Manager Daryl Graus. According to Graus, neither setback nor fence height should impair the visibility of surrounding neighbors or impede the safety of the traveling public.

Zoning change requested

The Sylvania Township Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approval of a zoning change request from A-3 Agriculture to R-4 High-Density Residential PUD for 8.8 acres of the 57.904-acre parcel at 9330 Brint Rd.
Trilogy Health Services LLC of Louisville, Ky. requested the change to construct additional 26 villa-style residences on its Lakes of Sylvania campus. Currently, the senior-based facility includes an 85-bed residential care facility, clubhouse, and 30 villa-style homes.
The Lucas County Plan Commission unanimously. recommended approval of the request at its March 22 meeting.
The Sylvania Township Planning & Zoning Manager Daryl Graus and his staff also approved the request. “This is compatible with the surrounding residential uses in terms of density and zoning,” Graus stated.
“Lakes of Sylvania has been a good addition to the community and the growth of its campus certainly demonstrates that it is meeting a need,” said Zoning Commission Mary Himmelein.
The Township Trustees will review the zoning change request at their first May meeting.

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