TST auto detailing services breathe new life into vehicles

by Jennifer Alexander Ruple

TST Owner Dino Peluso, center, and Managers Steven Hoke and Brandon Beaty are specialists in providing quality auto detailing services.

Salt, dirt and pollution can wreak havoc on vehicles over time. For vehicles in need of a little extra attention, TST Appearance Center, located at 3235 Holland Sylvania Rd., has been providing top-shelf automotive detailing services at reasonable prices since 1979.
TST provides complete detailing, window tinting, and appearance protection services. “What makes TST unique from competitors is our attention to specifics and our care for the customer,” said Dino Peluso, owner of the company since 1998. “Our 13 employees go out of their way to build customer loyalty. We listen to our customers and deliver what they want,” he added.
To give customers’ vehicles a showroom finish, TST provides detailing services such as washing and waxing the exterior; buffing to remove scratches; cleaning and dressing the engine; and cleaning the interior vinyl, leather, dash and windows. TST also provides dent, swirl and over-spray removal. “Detailing is one of the least expensive things you can do to change the look and feel of your vehicle,” said Peluso. “It’s like a little spa day. Your car feels like new when the carpets are shampooed and the paint has been buffed and shined.” Most services at TST can be completed in a day. Drop off is between 8 and 9 am and pick up is between 4:30 to 5:30 pm.
Peluso mentioned that most people will benefit by having their auto detailed once a year; however, it depends on how the car is used. “Every vehicle has its own story and needs different things at different times. For example, people with kids could benefit from detailing every few months,” he suggested.
Window tinting is another focus area for TST. While window tinting installation provides an opportunity to add customization to vehicles, it also offers many safety benefits including heat and glare reduction, improved privacy, 99.9 percent UV protection from the sun’s damaging rays, and protection in an accident. “The extra layer of hard vinyl installed on windows helps keep them intact, lessening the chance that the glass will shatter,” explained Peluso.
To protect vehicles from rust caused by road salt, dirt, dust-control chemicals and industrial pollution, TST offers services to protect car surfaces. “We have glass coating that helps repel the rain and rustproofing and undercoating that will prevent corrosion over the lifetime of the vehicle. Our leather and fabric treatments protect interiors from spills, stains, fading and cracking,” Peluso said.
Customer service standards are strong at TST. “I try to be fair to everyone and treat people like family. Our motto is to treat people how you would want to be treated. I believe in community service and helping whenever we can. Whether it’s donations to charities, schools or organizations, we try to give back to the community at large,” Peluso said.
To keep a vehicle in the best shape possible, Peluso recommends, “Wash and vacuum your car regularly, and have it detailed once a year to help maintain the vehicle’s value. A clean, shiny and rust-free car is worth more at sale or trade-in than one that isn’t. If you treat your car like you treat your house, you’ll get the most value out of it.”

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